Instagram is back with a new update, and this time it’s what we all were literally praying for. Any guesses? Well, it’s none other than Reels audio search! Roxanne a.k.a ‘ladyroxpop’ announced it on August 11, 2021, through her Instagram post “Launching Audio in Global Search on Reels.”

With this new update, you can now directly search Reels audio from the Explore tab. Doesn’t this make it so much easier to create reels and find the apt songs and sounds? I’m sure all the creators are nodding their heads at this point!

Source: Roxanne (Instagram)

Steps to operate Audio search:

  1. Open Instagram app
  2. Navigate to the Explore tab
  3. Tap on the Search bar to open Instagram search
  4. Then, click on the Audio tab to access search results
  5. Tapping on results will take you to the song’s audio page where you will see reels that use it
Source: Roxanne (Instagram)

Now that you have access to the Audio tab, hurry up and try it out! Looking forward to exceptional and creative reels from y’all!