Humans of Bombay (HOB) and Instagram teamed up to narrate OyeAnkit’s story! His rise to fame was with the fun edit on the ‘Bole Chudiyan’ song. He synchronised Dennis and Issac Kyere’s ‘One Dance’ video where they performed Regina Eigbe’s choreography, on the mentioned Bollywood song. 

Here’s his story as featured by Humans Of Bombay and Instagram:

As per the featured video,  OyeAnkit narrates, “Papa passed away when I was just 9. Maa raised me by herself. Growing up, I really enjoyed editing videos so, Maa got me a computer. After 12th, I started posting my work on social media. People would mock me, “Kya karta rehta hai din bhar?” But Maa was on my side! Over time, I started trending. Now, no one asks, “Kya karta rehta hai din bhar?” All because Maa believed in me.”

Isn’t it just so sweet how his mother has always supported him? Even with all struggles, Ankit has proven himself to be worthy! Currently, he has 346K followers on Instagram and 2.93K subscribers on YouTube. Also, for your information, he used to work with The Viral Fever (TVF) in the department of Media and Content Producer (@tvfqtiyapa).

Presenting Zakir Khan with OyeAnkit:

If you want your journey to be featured then create a reel based on it and don’t forget to use #ReelYourKahaani. Who knows Humans of Bombay and Instagram might repost your story? If you want to know more about OyeAnkit’s trending moment, check out Indian Twist to Regina Eigbe’s Choreography on Drake’s ‘One Dance’.