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Instagram continues to work on improving its interface by testing new features. In the latest news it has come to light that Instagram is working on new updated Avatars, limiting the number of followers that can be viewed and the ability to import music from its own videos. Let’s have a look at these updates closely.

Updated Avatars

Instagram is working on Avatars which will be a new way for users to be on Facebook. Each avatar will be unique and at the time of creation users will also have the option to customise their avatars with facial features, hair, outfits and more! The introduction of avatars on Instagram eyes towards the Metaverse, Meta’s gigantic project which will combine the real world aspects in a virtual world.

The avatars can be accessed by the “Avatars” option in the user account settings.

Import music from videos

Instagram is working on a feature which will allow users to import music from their own videos located in their phone’s gallery. The video below shows how the new feature might look and function when released. 

Allowing the users to import music from their own gallery would be key in solving the issue of not being able to find a particular music on the app’s music library. Furthermore, Instagram may also develop a feature to identify the music from the video and then suggest it through Instagram music. 

Limit number of followers that can be viewed 

The final feature on our list for today is Instagram’s current work to limit the number of followers that can be viewed. In a tweet by the popular developer Alessandro Paluzzi it has also come to light that this feature would be applicable to verified business accounts having a total of over 4000 followers. The following image was also shared by Paluzzi on his twitter handle showing how the updated interface might look.

The feature resonates slightly with YouTube’s idea of giving users the option to remove public subscriber count along with hiding the dislike button. Both of which are protective steps. 

With the news about these features in circulation we just can’t wait for Instagram to launch them soon as part of their beta testing and then to the public. 

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