In the growing digital age, privacy on the Internet is one of the most important points that the tech giants have been looking into. Time and again we have seen various “verification” methods come up eg. 2 Factor Authentication (2 FA).Facebook has been working continuously on the privacy sector across all its media platforms. We recently covered How forwarding works on WhatsApp (click here to know more) and how Facebook is adding a new verification method to WhatsApp called Flash Calls (learn more about Flash Calls by clicking here).
In latest updates it has been reported that Instagram is working on a
Privacy Centre menu too.

Insta Leaks on Twitter shared what Privacy Centre will look like.

Privacy Centre

Privacy Centre offers you an overview of privacy across Facebook company’s apps and services so you can make sure these experiences are right for you. (Text from the image)
Popular app developer Alessandro Paluzzi even shared the same image on his Twitter profile.

Currently the feature is under work in progress (WIP). Once released, Privacy Centre will be available under the Facebook tab in Instagram settings.