Just a day ago, Instagram’s @creators shared “Lessons on Live”, for providing users and audience a better experience during the live session. It will be helpful for more interaction and engagement. From getting integrated into the best features to caring for humanity, Instagram ensured to cover the needed points.  

Now, let’s deconstruct the tips shared by Instagram for your better understanding. 

Best Practices for A Successful Live

  • To have a strong internet connection and a full battery is necessary to avoid the abrupt ending of your Live session.
  • Avoid using external microphones.
  • If you’re unsure about going Live, it’s better to practice it on a finsta or finstagram, in short for fake Instagram. This will help in resolving your uncertainties, especially for the first-timers
  • It’s easy to search for your guests if both sides are following each other.

Raise Money for A Cause You Care About Using The Fundraising Tool

Be social, be responsible. Your audience needs to connect to you in more than platonic ways. With the help of Instagram’s fundraising tool, you can contribute to a noble cause and at the same time, people will notice you and start discussing the topic on your Live session. People with common thoughts will connect to you more and more.

Use AR Effects During Your Livestream

If you want netizens to feel lively and relaxed vibes, using filters is the right way to go. It’s absolutely fun and netizens may even like those upon your suggestions or simply using it during Live. The more they feel your choice of filter is great, the more they will notice you. 

Download For Up To 30 Days From Your Live Archive

Supposedly, you forgot to save your Live video or for some reason, you couldn’t save it, then just download it from Instagram’s Live archive. But mind you, it’s going to be there for only 30 days, and after that poof! 

Turning Off Your Video Or Audio

This new feature of Instagram is such a boon, isn’t it? You don’t have to worry anymore if you don’t want to show your face or turn your audio on during Live. I’m sure some of us have such a day where we just want to be lazy and cozy, so it’s perfect for such days! Even for camera-shy people, this is a great feature to be used. Seemingly, some shy ones like to talk and are a chatterbox, so for them only the camera will be off but the audio on. Your audience is all ears!

Promotion Through Countdown Stickers & Tagging

Countdown stickers are a reminder to the followers of your upcoming live session. So, it’s impractical if you don’t use it. Also, if you’re having guests then make sure to tag them, so that when they reshare your name will be highlighted too. It will bring more audience to your Live and you will get a better reach. 

Also, Instagram for Business with Peyton Dix has shared a major but the most basic core of a good Live session, i.e, introduction. Being a writer, producer, social media manager, and content curator, she knows the ins-outs of a worthy Live. It’s quite integral to have a confident introduction in front of your audience by maintaining eye contact and being crystal clear in your speech. That’s the way to have a strong intro! 

If you want to experience an entertaining and seamless Live session, make sure to follow Instagram’s lessons all the way!