To keep the world updated is our job and we try our best to do so. In our previous week’s issue we talked about Instagram’s Weekly Reel Trends: Rakshabandhan Special (in case you haven’t read it click here). But just like time and tide, the trends too wait for no one and are ever changing. It is surprisingly possible that by the time we come to know about a trend, the trend is no longer trending (now that’s a goofy trend!)

Let’s have a look at the latest edition of What’s Happening This Week On Instagram aka Reels Trends For This Week:


🎵Audio: Nazrein Milaana Nazrein Churaana – bennydayalofficial
A mimicable dance step that can be done with the group. Watch @bhawnachuphalofficial show us how to do it.

🎵Audio: Woman – dojacat
Whether you are alone or in a group this step can be done with anyone, anywhere. Watch @priyaltiwari_ nail it!

🎵Audio: Touch It – KiDi
A mimicable dance step which becomes much easier to learn when we see @tanusha.__ do it.

🎵Audio: Low Remix 2021 – Flo Rida (feat T-Pain)
Bring your friend along and do what @taniyaaa_31 is doing.


🎵Audio: Vibe – Diljit Dosanjh
Recreate it yourself and vibe like Diljit!

🎵Audio: Signal – Pritam, Remo Fernandes, Suzanne
Vibe to the song but this time by jumping to it!

🎵Audio: Boshret Kheyr (feat. Husaain Al Jassmi) – Arash Mohseni
Laughing out loud while watching this funny enactment.

🎵Audio: A Thousand Miles – vanessacarltonactual
Show what boys and girls do on Instagram by enacting it!

#Kaise Hua
🎵Audio: Kaise Hua – vishalmishraofficial
Watch people compare what they look in reality than what they do on their Aadhaar card!


#Mehbooba Mehbooba
🎵Audio: Mehbooba Mehbooba (Remix) – satishkalesa
Show off your outfits by changing them to the beats!. Watch @nishaaggarwal slaying the trend in her own way!

🎵Audio: Five More Hours (Deorro x Chris Brown) – deorro
Transition your photos into the beats of the music just the way @zaid_darbar does it!

🎵Audio: Take Your Man – mahoganylox
Just look at @iamshriyajain, do the trend and then try it for yourself!

🎵Audio: Take Your Man – mahoganylox


​🎵 Audio: Bullettu Bandi – mohanabhogaraju
​​Dance to the beats of the song and mimic this trend!

​🎵 Audio:​ Yemunnave Pilla – sidsriram
​​Groovy and mimicable!

​🎵 Audio:​ Big Bang Bhangra – himmatsandhu84
Bhangra has a different vibe to it!


Seven notes but a billion melodies catering a million trends! Let’s have a look at trending music tracks for this week. Fresh from Instagram’s Music library: 

What’s Playing This Week

🎵 Mann Bharryaa 2.0 (From “Shershaah”)
B Praak

🎵  Kabhii Tumhhe
Javed – Mohsin, Darshan Raval

🎵 Rok Lai
Preet Sukh, Raka

🎵 52 Gaj Ka Daman (Hindi) 
Asees Kaur, Renuka Panwar

🎵 Roko Roko 
Mellow D

🎵 Rumors (feat. Cardi B) 

🎵 Lover
Diljit Dosanj

Now that you know what’s happening there’s just one thing left to do, Reel it Up!