Roxanne Chinoy, Strategic Partner Manager, Instagram, India announced the launch of new Insights on Instagram. The new Insights updates are accounts engaged, engaged audience, reached audience which will help creators in engaging with their audience more. Not only that, but Instagram is also increasing visibility for creators that collaborate with brands.

Roxanne stated on Instagram, “As part of our ongoing work to give professionals the tools they need, we are launching new experiences in Instagram Insights that will help creators and businesses learn more about their audience. Today, we’re introducing accounts engaged, engaged audience, reached audience and new transparency for creators who partner with brands.💗

Now, it’s time to highlight the points as mentioned by Roxanne:

Accounts Engaged & Engaged Audience

“Accounts engaged highlights the total number of accounts that interacted with your content in a given time period.

To help professionals better understand who’s engaging with their content, we’re also providing key demographic information including top cities, top countries, top age ranges and gender, as well as a breakdown by followers and non-followers.

We will continue to highlight the total number of content interactions received across each content format.”

Source: Roxanne Chinoy (Instagram)

Reached Audience

“We will begin providing demographic information about your reached audience including top cities, top age ranges and gender. This information can be found by tapping “accounts reached” in Insights.”

Source: Roxanne Chinoy (Instagram)

Visibility To Creators That Collaborates with Brands

“We will also be providing additional visibility for creators who partner with brands. We’ve been inspired by the creative ways our community of businesses and creators have come together to create collaborative content.

When a brand promotes a creator’s post with the paid partnership label or creates an ad without a pre-existing post, that creator will now be able to see the performance of that ad including reach, likes, comments, saves and shares. Creators can now find this information by selecting “view ads and insights” within the branded content ads section in settings.”