Instagram has launched #InTheMaking campaign where Indian creators are featured in real as well as reel world. Giving content creators the well-deserved opportunity, Instagram recently featured the hardworking and zealous creator who not only amazes the audience with her content but editing skills too, Jissa Paul!

Undoubtedly, looking at Jissa’s passion for content creation over the years, we can say that she truly earned this golden chance. From her agency, Creator 21 to her fans, everyone is so happy for her.

She posted her featured video just two days ago and exclaimed in excitement saying, “
I don’t know how will I ever be able to explain what I am feeling right now !!
I was in shock when the first time I heard that @instagram is featuring me, like for real !!
I won’t lie but from the place I belong, I have never ever imagined that I can really go this far, I am literally in tears while writing this .. all the hardwork I did, all my sweat blood I put in my work has finally worked, when they were sleeping I was working, when they were partying I was working, when they were taking a day off I was working my ass off, and finally finallyyyyy all my hardwork has paid off !!
And for the first time I can really say I am so proud of myself, the way I turned my life around, sometimes everything feels like a dream, but it’s not .. we did it, your girl did it !!
#inthemaking #makethereelyou”

Here’s her video that Instagram featured:

You can see her funny version of her BFF’s wedding look, not giving a damn of what others will think. Well, it’s time for the creator to shine more than ever and grab the spotlight that she has merited. Let’s support her in her journey which is just the beginning of #InThe Making!