Social media platforms have turned into one of the most influential places on the internet. It only takes minutes for a new trend to set foot on these applications that suddenly spread like wildfire. There are plenty of fun trends on Instagram that capture the attention of users and keep them engaged. The latest trend that has caught the internet is the ‘Farq Hai’ trend. Singer-songwriter Suzonn released his single “Farq Hai” in 2020 which blew up on Instagram recently.

Farq Hai

The song’s title “Farq Hai” translates to ‘There’s a difference,’ which is solidified through the track’s lyrics and animated visuals. It depicts an emotionally romantic love story where one is the complete opposite of the other. The song shows how society can be two-faced. It talks about how people may look down upon themselves because of social evils like racism and class differences. The sadness and inferiority complex are expressed through a love song. “Farq Hai” highlights the gaps between two lovers in a way that “she is Barbie and he’s just Ken.”

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This soothing and soulful track has taken over Instagram. We came across a variety of reels made using Suzonn’s audio. These heartwarming video edits can make anyone’s day.

Let’s take you through some of the best adaptations of this trend:

Mumbai Police

Their social media never misses! The way they instill the core message of safety on the road within every trend is just amazing to watch. Mumbai Police used the “Farq Hai” audio to depict the difference between wearing a helmet and not wearing one – how it can affect your safety. They urge the citizens to know the difference and follow the rules.


Ganpati is one of the most loved Gods and Ganesh Chaturthi is one of the most loved festivals. This beautiful reel showcases the devotees as ‘berang‘ while the marvellous Ganpati idol becomes the focus when the lyrics say “Tu chamak hai.” The video has received massive love with people saying it won the trend.


Your best friends are your go-to whenever you’re facing a problem in life, especially when you feel like you can’t share it with your parents. But what happens when it’s just a one-sided friendship? That can be really hurtful. Nisman depicts this very well in her reel using the song. She seems to really enjoy the “Farq Hai” trend as she’s made multiple reels on it.

RJ Abhinav

He took a rather funny take on this trend. RJ Abhinav acts as a Starbucks barista who is taking a coffee order and wants to write down the customers’ names on their cups. The video begins with an African family being asked their names which are too tough to pronounce let alone spell. Abhinav is perplexed and quits his barista job while the song’s lyrics, “Hum tum alag hai” play in the background.


Ranveer Allahbadia a.k.a BeerBiceps found a great way to use the “Farq Hai” audio in his reel which talks about emotional and mental well-being. It is actually an ad for Level, a meditation app that helps with anxiety, stress, and focus. His reel gives the message of love, success, joy, and gratitude.


Creators won’t leave any opportunity to create content. Last week Neel, Ravish Shetty, and FocusedIndian (Karan Sonawane) attended MotoGP Bharat, the first ever Grand Prix of India. These racing motorbikes are super loud on the tracks. The reel’s POV was that Ravish finds the loud noises unbearable while Neel is habituated to it as he often gets yelled at by his wife. This was yet another funny take making use of Suzonn’s trending song.


Dogs are considered to be humans’ best friends and it couldn’t be more true. They just light up the whole room with their presence and make your mood by showering you with abundant affection. Harshita made use of the “Farq Hai” trend to showcase how her giant Saint Bernard adds ‘chamak‘ to her life.

Soumesh Pandey

Camerawalebhaiya a.k.a. Soumesh Pandey shot and edited this beautiful reel in just one hour! It’s giving Wes Anderson feels while showcasing a cute couple. The guy feels that the girl is the one who adds colours to his life. Soumesh picked the simple concept of ‘them being different but together’ and effortlessly translated it into the video.

About Suzonn

Sujan Sinha, better known by his stage name Suzonn, describes himself as an independent singer, songwriter, composer, and storyteller, which is quite apt because he aces all of them. He creates music in genres like Indie-Folk/Pop, Folk Rock, and Pop. His blend of simple tunes and profound lyrics, originating from generic experiences of life like love, separation, and social issues, felt extremely relatable to the listeners. His singles and albums are loved by many people and with “Farq Hai’s” virality, that fanbase is only growing. Suzonn is on track to become the next big thing.

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Suzonn’s renditions are so peaceful to listen to. We look forward to hearing more songs from him which translate into beautiful trends on social media like this one did.