Filter Copy has everything, whether it’s freshly brewed content, sketches, one of the most relatable videos starring channels, or the newly launched YouTube Shorts. You won’t be able to stop watching videos one after the other, once you start, and it will undoubtedly be a binge-watching day. How can I be so certain? I’ve been there and done that. But today, we are here to talk about a recently uploaded, laziness personified video titled, ‘If Laziness Were A Person’. So let us get right to it before I become lazy to tell you, shall we? (See what I did there?)

This video, which stars the talented and well-known Viraj Ghelani and Manish Kharage, portrays Viraj as Manish’s personification of laziness. Manish is shown attempting to work when Viraj approaches him and makes excuses for not doing so, much like our procrastinator or lazy self would. Viraj has successfully persuaded Manish to sleep for a longer period of time, refrain from exercising, and pretend to be ill in front of his boss.

And, without giving anything away, I’d simply like to point out that this video has everything we’ve gone through, from aimlessly scrolling through Instagram to being convinced not to take that one hour for exercise. This video has to be one of the most relatable videos to watch, thanks to Viraj’s Gujju accent and Manish’s relatability. So, without waiting for any longer, watch the video right away!

If you went through guilt but had fun and were entertained, this is exactly what the video was supposed to do so yay! And until my pen writes more for you, do not forget to binge-watch on freshly brewed content only by Filer Copy.