East India Comedy, as we all know, features stand up videos, sketches and all things related to comedy. They have more than a million subscriber base and the videos they came up with cross millions of views and masses of recognition. Today, we are here to do a throwback article on one such video… East India Comedy has a section named ‘EIC VS Bollywood’ which features stand up comedians with a Bollywood actor. Today, in this #ThrowbackTuesday article, we are talking about EIC featuring Tapsee Pannu: ‘EIC vs Bollywood ft Taapsee Pannu’.

This video features Sapan Verma, Angad Ranyal, Azeem Banatwalla and of course, Tapsee Pannu. This is a really funny video that surrounds Tapsee’s incidents with her maid, Nature’s Basket, the paparazzi, airport looks, and more. Tapsee also speaks about sexism in Bollywood and her first on-screen coconut performance. Yes, you read that correct. Without giving too many spoilers, I would like to say Tapsee is one such actor who is incredibly funny and deeply connected to her roots. Watch the video to know why Tapsee escaped the paparazzi by running into Starbucks!

Did you laugh out loud or did you? Well, I hope this article either brought you nostalgia by re-watching the video or explored you to it for the very first time. Either way, I hope you had fun. And until my pen writes more for you, do not forget to consume the content published by EIC especially for you.