There are a few people who have a knack for making people laugh. Their presence simply can be extremely hilarious and funny. We are talking about Harsh Rane, a wizard who weaves laughter into everything he touches. Apart from being inherently funny, Harsh is also a great actor, who understands the many nuances of acting. In SN Spotlight this week, we shared the couch with Harsh Rane in the most chill interview ever.

Harsh Rane Steals the show in this weeks SN Spotlight

Without breaking into a sweat, Harsh has managed to keep us entertained throughout the interview and has proved why he is the effortless comic king, whom social media cannot have enough of. His steady growth in followers and his smooth collaborations with fellow creators only establish his commitment to his profession. Trust us, once you know about him, you’ll wonder how you survived without knowing him.

SN: Tell us about your journey and when did you start with content creation.

Harsh: I started creating content during the lockdown. I used to watch Saurav Gadge and many others create reels, which sparked my interest and since then I started making content.

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SN: Why did you pick comedy as a genre? Was it because of some creator you idolised or were you interested in it from the beginning?

Harsh: I have always been this person who makes other people laugh, so comedy was something I was interested in. I thought if I could make people around me laugh, why not try my hands at making people laugh on social media? Once I started, people slowly started liking my content and content creation became consistent.

SN: How do you brainstorm ideas for your videos? 

Harsh: I am a very observant person and I have people around me who are constantly up to something. I take up all of these incidents and observations and weave them into a script and present them as content. 

SN: What would be one tip you would give to somebody who is starting their journey as a creator?

Harsh: One tip I’d like to give to anybody who is planning on starting their journey as a creator is please don’t start. I already have enough competition. Please pick any profession other than content creation. (Laughing)

SN: The industry today is indeed very crowded. How did you break through?

Harsh: When I started, there were not many who were creating content so it was relatively easier to make my presence felt. Soon people started liking my content and recognised my work.

SN: What according to you is the USP of your content?

Harsh: I would say my rawness and my realistic content struck a chord with the audience. People find my videos very relatable. 

SN: Tell us about your 3 favourite creators from the industry.

Harsh: There are plenty but I really like Beyounick, Ashish Chanchlani and BeerBiceps because he is the source behind a lot of my content for the way he speaks, acts, etc. 

SN: Any particular persona you carry in all your videos or each character is different from others? 

Harsh: Innocence is surely one thing I carry in all my videos. In reality, I am not that but I present myself in the videos as somebody who has not seen the world yet. 

SN: You collaborate with many fellow creators. Why do you think collaborations are important?

Harsh: The foremost reason is to be able to enjoy the attention of both our audiences. This way we can reach a bigger audience. Collaborations also help us work on newer concepts. I usually meet the other creators at least once before the shoot day and we lay down our strengths and then accordingly work on the idea. 

SN: We are seeing many creators shift to shows and movies. Is this on your bucket list? 

Harsh: Doing shows or movies is not my goal. I love making people laugh and I want to continue to do that. Acting is also something I really enjoy and I want to continue with it irrespective of the medium. I am working on movies and stuff but I wish to get more exposure in the near future.

SN: Tell us about your creative process a little.

Harsh: I shoot during midday but don’t ideate during the day. It is only at night that I sit back and think of ideas. While scrolling through reels and going through trends, I sit and back think of my unique take on it and curate ideas accordingly.

Harsh Rane in SN Spotlight

SN: The comedy niche is saturated with creators. How do you try to make your videos stand out?

Harsh: I focus on execution largely, in terms of doing my content differently. I make sure my videos, even though they are following a trend, don’t end up being the same for my audience and this is only possible by constantly working on execution.

SN: As a creator, how do you strike the right balance between content consumption and mindless scrolling?

Harsh: Honestly, I consume a lot of content. You could say, watching reels is a part and parcel of my life. However, I think this has helped me as a creator and I use it to my benefit. 

In a world that sometimes gets serious, Harsh Rane is an eternal laughter superhero who can instantly lift the spirit, tickling all our funny bones. We wish a momentous career ahead for the talented actor and the artist.  If you haven’t seen his videos, you need to do that now! Trust us, you’ll thank your stars.