In 2015, Harsh Beniwal began his acting career by posting short vines to his Instagram account. His brief vine films began to go viral on various social media platforms. He, then started his YouTube channel, Harsh Beniwal, on May 6, 2015, and now has over 13 million subscribers. His YouTube videos surround comedy and and some of his most popular ones, such as Nayi Padosan, PUBG With Pariwaar, and Daaru With Dad, to mention a few, have amassed millions of views in a short period of time, breaking the internet.

In just three days, his latest release of the first episode in the series, ‘Who Killed Jessica,’ has surpassed 9.5 million views and is trending at number one on YouTube. So, without further ado, how about we get straight to it?

On June 6th, he offered his fans a brief sneak peek of his latest video, ‘Who Killed Jessica,’ creating a buzz that has since grown to over 1.4 million views, demonstrating the success of creating the hype in the first place.

In about an hour after the first episode was uploaded, the video had surpassed one million views on the internet. The video begins by presenting Lokesh, a cab driver played by Harsh, who is having problems with his girlfriend, Jessica. Unexpectedly, his cab passenger arrives at Jessica’s house with flowers and the anticipation of getting intimate. When Lokesh realizes the situation by discovering her scooty, he follows her and the two end up to Jessica’s house, where Jessica is found dead on the bed. This adds to the drama, suspense, and mystery surrounding Jessica’s death.

The storyline, despite its sombre tone, is peppered with light-hearted occurrences that will make you laugh out loud while you wait to see what happens next. This video is so wonderfully shot that it piques the interest of viewers right away, making them want to see the following episodes.

This video is being shared and celebrated by a lot of viewers and I hope you do the same if you were to like it. And until my pen writes more for you, go and check Harsh’s Instagram account for more insight to his content HERE! Hope you have a day filled with content and laughter as curated by Harsh for you.