Today the digital universe offers immense opportunities for netizens to showcase their creativity through social media platforms and prove their mettle. Meet Dev Raiyani who is among those GenZ influencers who followed his instinct, believed in the insight and is now among the top influencers in India.

A lifestyle blogger, artist, and comedian, Dev has been mesmerizing his followers through dance, music, and varied other generic content. He started creating content at the age of 13 years and uploaded his first video ‘Expectation vs reality ‘ in 2014 which was an instant hit and made people go ROFLing.

Making his way into our hearts and taking the internet by storm with his exceptionally talented music and dance skills, Dev has appeared on many talk shows and media portals. Amassing 300k plus followers on Instagram, the social media influencer creates relatable content and plays smart when it comes to gaining eyeballs for his videos.

He could also be seen collaborating with his other GenZ creator friends namely  Taneesha MirwaniAgasthya Shah, and Tarini Shah who are equally setting the social media on fire.

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Talking about his passion for creating music, Dev has released many popular songs like Cool BoyThinking BackDoing Alright, and Loved Enough have made space on our playlist. He has a verified account on Spotify with 30K plus listeners.

It wouldn’t be wrong to say that his content is a complete bag of laughter. Gen Z helps brands reach greater engagement because they provide full transparency with their followers and remain highly tuned with day-to-day trends. Hence, Dev can be spotted doing some high-end brand collaborations.

In today’s generation, the youths are exposed to the internet, social networks, and mobile, and young people play an important role in creating and interpreting trends.

The reason we are so much in awe of his content is that it’s not just fun and entertaining content, but Dev also pays close attention to enlighting his followers by sharing his experiences. He recently shared on Instagram his take on sexual harassment faced by him not once but 3 times.

We should not overlook the fact that sexual assault can happen to anyone irrespective of gender. And the fact that Dev addressed everyone in the public domain about how important it is to talk about sexual harassment.

Seeing his take on it, many followers supported him and were glad to hear it coming from a content creator like him.

Dev brings a fresh perspective to today’s world and we are looking forward to Dev being an inspiration for many.