Gauhar Khan is a well-known actor and Bigg Boss Season 7 winner, whereas Zaid Darbar is a dancer, model, actor, and influencer. Both of these lovebirds tied the knot on Christmas Day, December 25th 2020. They had an intimate and a beautiful wedding. Tap here to watch it!

Although, even before that, they had gotten their hands on Instagram reels, and the viewers have given it love and smiles. Their reels are focused on dance, lip singing, expressions, trends, and more, and they have a large community of admirers. So, without further ado, here are five of my personal favourite reels, all of which are full of happiness, love, and great energy!

1. Fire to Pani Pani

2. Pyaar Dosti Hai with Iko Iko (My Bestie)

3. I’m So Pretty Challenge, Desi Style

4. Saving Ramadan Moments with Runaway Aurora

5. Dreaming with Pehla Nasha

Well, if you love the reels as much as me and would like to witness more from this beautiful couple, check out Zaid’s page HERE. Until my pen writes more for you, I hope you spread happiness as well as love because you are special and deserving of it.