The word “Funcho” is derived inspiration from the word ‘fun’. It is currently emerging as one of the fastest-growing channels in India. Shyam and Dhruv have undoubtedly marked territory in the digital world. Over the years, they’ve made remarkable content with the current ongoing themed videos and have left their followers laughing out loud.

Shyam and Dhruv also have made some foot-tapping music videos! ‘Gardi’ is one of the duo’s most-watched videos which helped them garner their popularity almost as instantaneously as it was uploaded. The word ‘Gardi’, indicates the word crowd, and the video delivers us ongoing the ‘Lifelines of Mumbai’ (The city’s local trains). The routine proceedings in the Mumbai local can be enticing and amusing at the same time. 

Social media’s one of the loved comedy channels, Funcho collaborates with the evergreen comedian/ actor Rajpal Yadav.

May it be Hungama, Bhool Bhulaiyaa, Dhol, or Chup Chup Ke, one man who has always tickled the audience’s funny bone is Rajpal Yadav. The evergreen comedian has a natural knack for making fans laugh out loud, and team Funcho recently witnessed his magic.

Funcho which features Dhruv Shah and Shyam Sharma constantly indulges in a rip-roaring set of shenanigans. The duo is renowned for extremely witty antics that are simple, sublime, and relatable. 

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Funcho’s latest video sees Dhruv and Shyam chance upon the inimitable Rajpal Yadav. Wanting to make the most of the occasion, they decide to test if he is the “real Rajpal” or not! What happens next forms the crux of the hilarious video. 

Talking about their collaboration with the comic superstar, team Funcho says, “We have all grown up watching Rajpal sir set the silver screen on fire with his comic talent. To be able to collaborate with him is not only a dream come true but also a testament to where the Funcho family has reached over the years!” 

With a subscriber count of 3.04 million on YouTube and 2.3 million on Instagram, Funcho is steadily gaining more fans each passing day, and their latest collaboration will surely see the love grow stronger!