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Sejal Kumar proves to be one of the most talked-about Content Creators. Sejal kick-started her career on YouTube back in 2014, when people did not consider it a full-time profession. She is known for her urban-chic style and for giving the most relatable fashion advice. And further adding to her achievements which proves to achieve her wildest imagination — her singing career, to name all her song covers and originals- Aisi Hun, Khali Khali, and her recent album SHY. It is a dream she had harbored all her life.

Being consistent and fresh with content is a task but Sejal continues to maintain her legacy now to continue her mark in the digital space and hops onto her ‘Podcast throne’, Sejal now has her own- YouTube Podcast, by the name Shutup Sejal.

What is the podcast about?

The podcast talks about endless thoughts, unsaid things, and a lot of other things that keep our minds busy. As Sejal says, “There are such thoughts that refuse to shut up!”. So, Sejal decided to take all these thoughts and put them on ShutUp Sejal, A Podone Production Exclusively on Spotify!

Here you can hear all the meaningful, heartfelt, and candid conversations Sejal has with her friends, other creators, celebrities, and sometimes with herself too.

When you tune in to the podcast and listen to Sejal, you can navigate through all these unsaid thoughts. A new episode will be out every 10 days, exclusively on Spotify!

The Launch Episode- Jab Sejal Met Sejal

In the first episode, Sejal is talking about how there is a learning curve in everyone’s life! So in the very first episode, Young Sejal is back (on popular demand) and the new Sejal interviews her. 

Hope you will enjoy this unique interaction.

How excited are you to launch your podcast exclusively with Spotify?

Very excited! I have always wanted to work with Spotify and what could be a better way to do it than this, an honest heartfelt podcast with the most wonderful partners!

What is the core message of the Podcast?

I am very expressive in general in my personal life and wanted to bring that side of me to my content as well! Talked about insecurities, mental health, dealing with competitions, my idea of success and failure, bullying, and more about my life as a content creator.

How great it is going to be that besides being an Influencer, and YouTuber now you’ll be a Podcaster developing an audio community on Spotify.

It’s exciting to try out new platforms and formats as it keeps my creativity fresh! And since I am a musician too and Spotify is my second home, I have more give my viewers with my podcast since they can tune into all my thoughts behind my music and my content and really spend time with me!

Coming Up Episodes

In this season of Podcast Sejal brings to you some more of her thoughts and learnings, sometimes accompanied and in conversation with a few of her fellow creators.

In episodes that come up, there will be more celebs and creators who Sejal will talk to-

Prajakta Koli aka MostlySane were talks to her about how a filmy kid got a Dharma film.

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In another episode, she talks about therapy, and does therapy really help? In this episode of Shutup Sejal, she will discuss all therapy, its importance of it, whether it even works, who should take therapy, my experiences, learnings, etc. 

In other episodes, she talks about the inside scoop on digital creators with Renil Abraham. When you tune in to this episode to listen to a super chill and fun conversation with Renil Abraham, known especially for his show- By invite- Having interviewed so many digital content creators, Sejal discusses some juicy topics and gets some insights into his life, work, and trade secrets! Tune in for some sassiness as an added bonus!

Sejal never disappoints us and yet again has delivered insightful, and energetic insights on endless thoughts and shows the long-term value and incredible potential in social media and gives you behind the scenes of their vlogs.

The Podcast ‘Shutup Sejal’ is live now exclusively on Spotify, Tune in to the first episode! Don’t forget to hit the follow button & press the bell icon to never miss an episode.