#SleighedIt: Celebrating the internet sensations who slayed 2023 with their pathbreaking work

Creators have expanded their reach to every nook and corner around the world and the year 2023 has been all the more eventful for many creators who potted one after the other goal. To celebrate this glorious year, we at Social Nation have a list of 12 creators who have #SleighedIt in 2023. Among these, Abhishek Malhan has resoundingly emerged victorious in one category. As Santa’s Favourite Star on The Big Screen, he has made his presence felt once again. 

Abhishek Malhan is Santa's Favourite Star on the big screen

Santa’s Favourite

Abhishek Malhan AKA Fukra Insaan has amassed a considerable following this year, which is no secret. However, after humans, it seems like he has won Santa’s heart too. Winning Santa’s Favourite Star on The Big Screen by capturing a remarkable 5,284 votes, Malhan has surely #SleighedIt. His journey throughout 2023 was nothing less than magical showcasing his versatility and immense influence across various platforms.

Reality Show Stardom

Abhishek’s entry into the realm of reality television marked a monumental achievement as he not only participated but thrived in Bigg Boss OTT. His rapidly growing fandom could be repeatedly seen throughout the same. Abhishek won the Boss of the Week title three times, but he was also the first to secure his position as a finalist. 

Not only did he weave his magic on Bigg Boss OTT but he also turned heads in the popular show ‘Temptation Island’ where he went to tempt couples on the show. His aura, and his personality shown throughout the show, making his Panda Army stronger than ever before.

Multifaceted Collaborations

Diversifying his portfolio, Abhishek engaged in impactful collaborations with industry giants, including musical luminaries like Tony Kakkar, Yo Yo Honey Singh, and Vishal Mishra

Beyond music, his collaborations extended into the entertainment sphere, where he worked with brother and fellow creator Nischay Malhan and many other creators. There one crossover that no one expected was when Abhishek met the Great Khali and the video is so hilarious that it leaves us in splits.

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Digital Dominance

Maintaining a robust online presence, Abhishek’s achievements on platforms like YouTube were noteworthy. His channel’s success was like never before, touching the 7 million subscribers mark on the social media platform.

He also started creating audience for his South Indian fans as he rolled out the Fukra Insaan Telugu channel on YouTube.

Prestigious Recognition

Abhishek’s influence within the digital sphere was honoured with the ‘Newsmaker of the Year‘ title at the esteemed Whosthat360 Awards, sharing the spotlight with his brother Nischay Malhan. Additionally, his impact within the influencer landscape solidified his position as a pivotal figure in the digital realm. He also won the ‘Talk of the Town’ at the #Influencex23 Awards.

Captivating Performances

Beyond the digital realm, Abhishek’s participation in events like YouTubeFanFest 2023 showcased his magnetic on-stage presence, garnering immense love from the audience. His versatility shone through diverse projects and engagements, showcasing his ability to thrive in different domains.

Exploring Varied Ventures

Abhishek ventured into multifaceted projects in 2023, demonstrating his versatility as an artist. He released multiple music videos that won the charts and the hearts of the audience. From Akhiyan to Din Te Raat, Judaiyaan and Noori. 

His song Tum Mere 2, emerged as one of the most popular songs of 2023 trending at the number one position on YouTube, Instagram and Twitter. On the other hand, in collaboration with T-Series, Abhishek released the much-anticipated video for EKMulaqaat which already has millions of views in its kitty.

From making waves in reality television to creating soulful music as well as working in tandem with the industry through impactful collaborations across music and entertainment, his influence has had a steadfast growth. Setting a benchmark for artistry, Abhishek Malhan has earned every letter of ‘Santa’s Favourite Star On The Big Screen.’