Today, the world of social media is dominated by content creators. They have revolutionised the way viewers consume content and interact with brands online. Businesses and brands now depend upon the impact of creators/influencers to reach their target markets. The fact that no event seems complete without their presence only goes to show the power they hold. From being social media stars to crossing newer career milestones, content creators have definitely come a long way.

From The Creator-Verse” is Social Nation‘s weekly round-up of everything that’s happening within the ‘Creator industry’.

The Old FilterCopy Is Back With Ayush

Yesterday FilterCopy (FC) indicated that the “Old FC Is Back!” They dropped a cryptic reel suggesting their OG lover boy Ayush Mehra is coming back on 14th February – Valentine’s Day. FilterCopy then revealed the poster of a Valentine’s special sketch titled “Na Tum Jano Na Hum” featuring Ayush and Anya Singh. The sketch was finally out this afternoon. It depicts a secret office romance that, to be honest, we all manifest for ourselves. Check out this adorable FilterCopy signature video now:

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Diipa’s Indewild Gets Invited To Harvard

Being invited to Harvard Business School to speak about your business is a huge moment for any entrepreneur and for influencer Diipa Büller-Khosla, that dream came true. She was invited to the 33rd Women in Business Conference at Harvard. Diipa addressed the gathering on her entrepreneurial journey with Indewild and Indians building global businesses.

As any Indian girl my parents would have loved for me to attend Harvard, but life turned out differently… Little did I know my baby @indewild would take me to speak at Harvard Business School to 900+ students of the MBA class.🥹♥️” she captioned her post.

Tanzeel Drops A Valentine’s Special Song: Pehla Pyaar

Featuring Shehzaan Khan, Noorin Sha and Naveen Sharma, “Pehla Pyaar” is Tanzeel Khan‘s Valentine’s Day gift to his fans. Shooting this music video in a single take was a lifelong dream of his as an artist. “Valentines day ho ya na ho, asli pyaar pure saal-bhar rehta hai…ussi pyaar ke naam mera favourite love song ‘Pehla Pyaar’ ab aap sabka ! hope y’all like it” said Tanzeel.

Subhash Ghai Lauds Sai Godbole’s Talent

Director-Producer Subhash Ghai dedicated a special post to Sai Godbole, calling her “A star to be proud of 🕺🏽“. Sai is set to make her debut in the upcoming Marathi film ‘Tu, Me Ani Amaira,’ produced by Mukta Arts which is founded by Mr. Ghai. He lauded Sai saying, “One of the most talented young ACTOR SINGER DANCER SPEAKER MIMIC 9 languages today She gets millions of LIKES on social media 👍

He expressed how proud he felt after watching Sai’s “wonderful performance” in her debut film. He is confident that the movie will “rock on screen soon“. “Keep soaring sai. World is waiting for u” signed off the filmmaker. “Sir this is so sweet and special! Thank you for your kind and encouraging words always!
Cannot wait for our wonderful film to release!❤️🙏🏼🧿
” responded Sai.

Sakshi & Raghav’s Love Story On CNN News 18

The wedding fever does not seem to end for the happiest married couple in town – Sakshi Sindwani and Raghav Arora. The couple spent their morning talking about their ‘bachpan ka pyaar’, the grand wedding, and everything in between on CNN News 18‘s popular talk show #TheBreakfastClub.

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Mridul Sharma Gets Engaged

We love ‘love’. And we love to see people in love make it official and embark on a new life journey together. Content creator Mridul Sharma went down on a knee as she asked her beau Aditya Naik to marry him. The lovebirds are now engaged. “I liked him so I put a ring on him💍 Our heart are full and hands are heavy☺️” she captioned the post.

Shraddha and Prashanth Blessed With A Baby Girl

Beauty and Lifestyle creator Shraddha Singh (@shads) and her husband Prashanth Chandra Bhamidimarri welcomed their second baby girl two days ago. They named their little bundle of joy “Miss Kahani Singh Bhamidimarri“. Shraddha went through a scare at the time of the delivery. “My worst fear came to life while trying for a VBAC in the form of uterine rupture (a rare 1 in 200 birth complication) but hey, this girl saved both our lives!” she explained. But all’s well that ends well and this is a beautiful beginning.

Kusha’s Lallantop Interview Is Loved By Her Fans

One of the most relatable influencers, Kusha Kapila recently appeared on The Lallaontop’s channel for an interview with Saurabh Dwivedi. In this episode of ‘Lallantop Baithki‘, Kusha talks about her life journey – from her NIFT days to being an Internet sensation for creating and playing the fictional character, Billi Masi. She also spoke about Elvish Yadav, Karan Johar, Shah Rukh Khan, her family, and her Bollywood career amidst other personal anecdotes.

This interview showcases the raw, real, and pure side of Kusha Kapila which is being absolutely loved by her fans. They are showering praises on how well she carried herself while being bold, composed, candid, and as usual, funny. She touched upon numerous instances which the audiences could relate to, making her one of the most loved creators for a reason.

Love Ka Battlegrounds Ft. Gaming Creators

When sc0utOP (Tanmay Singh) and KaashPlays (Kaashvi Hiranandani) get down on the Battlegrounds of Love, who will win? Hosted by JokerKiHaveli (Gulrez Khan), he quizzes the gamer couple on matters of love that make for a very entertaining watch.

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