India has witnessed an extraordinary surge in the world of content creation in the past few years, transforming the entertainment landscape. Fueled by the need to create relatable content and engage the audience, the content creation industry has blossomed into a powerful and influential force.

With everything going digital, brands and businesses too wish to partner with creators to reach their online target audience. From YouTube sensations and podcasters to social media influencers, India has become a hotbed of creative talent, producing diverse and engaging content across various genres. The increasing global recognition speaks to their reach and influence amongst the masses.

From The Creator-Verse” is Social Nation‘s weekly round-up of everything that’s happening within the ‘Creator industry’.

Alanna & Ivor Welcome Their Baby Boy

One of the most awaited pregnancies on the Internet, Alanna Panday and Ivor finally revealed the super exciting news! The new parents dropped a beautiful reel of them holding their newborn, all dressed in pastel blue! It’s so adorable, we wish them many congratulations!

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Funcho Meet Hugh Jackman & Ryan Reynolds

Dhruv and Shyam a.k.a. the Funcho gang are literally living every cinephile’s dream life! The content creator duo met Hugh Jackman and Ryan Reynolds ahead of their widely anticipated “Deadpool And Wolverine” release. The highlight of their conversation was when Dhruv asked Hugh who his favourite Indian cricket was and he said “Rohit Sharma!

Rani KoHEnur to Star In Her First Web Series

Sushant Divgikr a.k.a. Rani KoHEnur dropped a big news on her birthday! The Queen will be starring in her first big banner web series titled “36 DAYS!” She will play a primary character “Tara.” The series is set to release on Sony Liv India on the 12th of July.

Dhruv Rathee & Juli To Be Parents Soon

Content creator Dhruv Rathee announced the good news on his Instagram yesterday. He and Juli are pregnant! The couple looks radiant in the adorable pictures that he posted on his profile.

from the creator-verse content creators social media Dhruv Rathee Juli lbr-rathee pregnant

Mr Beast Makes YouTubers Compete

Ever since MrBeast announced the biggest collaboration ever with 50 A-list YouTubers from around the globe, we have been waiting with bated breath to know what’s really going to happen! The #1 YouTuber dropped a sneak peek into his ‘biggest video ever.‘ It shows YouTubers being trapped in a giant glass cube with $1 Million at stake! What happens next? We can’t wait to find out on 13th July!

Mayur Jumani x Kailash Kher!!!

This collaboration made us go “Tauba Tauba!” Who would have thought that we would see Kailash Kher as a DJ?! Mayur Jumani brought the legendary KK in to give his own twist to the current ‘Tauba Tauba’ trend on Instagram and we love it!

Rebel Kid On The Untriggered Podcast

Reddit’s favourite creator, Apoorva a.k.a. The Rebel Kid appeared on the Untriggered Podcast. She opened up on getting hate, her break-up, relationships, travelling the world, and a lot more in the episode. We see an entertaining yet real side of Apoorva in this podcast.

Stay tuned to learn more about what’s happening within the creator-verse. See you next week!