Brace yourself for an unforgettable Wimbledon experience! Some of your favourite content creators have joined forces with Star Sports India to bring you all the action and fun from the courts. With this dynamic collaboration, expect exciting content, behind-the-scenes moments, and much more. Stay tuned as we serve up the best of Creators x Wimbledon right to your screens!

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Karan Sonawane

For the second time in a row, Karan Sonawane a.k.a focusedindian makes it to Wimbledon Championship, embracing ‘believe in magic‘ solace. His representation at Wimbledon symbolizes a unique crossover between social media influencers and traditional sports events, showcasing the growing influence of digital creators in mainstream activities.

Tanya Khanijow

Tanya is a versatile content creator & travel vlogger, known for exploring new places and giving a major FOMO to us! Growing up, she had a strong connection to sports with her father being an army officer, who instilled discipline in her life. She gifted him the experience of a lifetime: Tennis at Wimbledon. She expressed being in “absolute awe” at the Wimbledon Centre Court. This experience was significant to her, stating that it was the highest honour for her as a daughter. 

Tanzeel Khan

In collaboration with Star Sports India, Tanzeel gave a special tribute during the Wimbledon 2024 timeline, marking the 25th anniversary of “The Indian ExpressLeander and Mahesh. This heartfelt homage celebrated their iconic partnership and enduring legacy in Indian tennis.

Manav Chhabra & Unnati Malharkar

Manav created magic like he always does with this reel. Being a “sports enthusiast,” Manav expressed his excitement about the event and promoted Wimbledon coverage on platforms like Star Sports India and Hotstar, showcasing his interest in the game.

On the other hand, Unnati embraced the tennis court and swayed to the rhythms with Manav, adding her unique flair to the trend and expressing her passion and enthusiasm for the sport.

Mrinmoyee Ghose

Mrinmoyee, a triple-threat UX/UI designer, industrial designer, and underrated fashion content creator, slays her Wimbledon GRWM by thrifting and crafting her outfit from scratch. Her creativity and skills are a testament to her fashion industry prowess!

Aatman Desai

Have you witnessed Wimbledon being promoted humorously? Aatman Desai got that covered! Gujjuboi Aatman promoted Wimbledon through his wit and comic tennis match commentary. We abide by his saying, “Sawfa pe bethne ka, thepla khane ka, Star Sports aur Hostar pe Wimbledon dekh ke cheeeel maarneka.

Content creators have evolved significantly, shifting from showcasing personal style to engaging in global activities through their content on an international level. Creators and Star Sports India are geared up to deliver an unforgettable Wimbledon experience, packed with thrills, laughs, and exclusive content. Stay tuned and get ready to enjoy the best of tennis like never before!