Words form an intrinsic aspect of human communication and culture. Throughout history, storytelling has been a fundamental way for people to convey knowledge, share experiences, and connect with others on a deep emotional level. One person who has mastered this skill above and beyond is Shachi Pathak better known as Firdaus. Through her meaningful words, commanding voice and earnest glances, she has won the internet world in a short span of time. The team at Social Nation had a chance to converse with this emerging poet, spoken word artist, singer and songwriter about her glorious journey and all that is in store ahead. Presenting pieces from this emotional, joyful and fun interview.

Firdaus and her magical words have won the internet

SN: Tell us about your journey as Firdaus

Shachi: Only a few people know that I started writing only last year. Firdaus is my alter ego. There are two parts to my personality. There is Shachi Pathak and then there’s Firdaus. This personality came in the last year when I was going through a lot in my personal life. I’ve been writing songs for the last 3 years since Covid. Last year on my music page, I posted a small video. It was a scenic view with a song playing in the background and it had four lines that I had written and posted along. The reel did not work out. A friend suggested that I start a new page. Unsure but with a leap of faith, I decided to go ahead. For me, Firdaus is an imaginary world, where everything is perfect. When I write, I am transported to another world, so that is why the name Firdaus. What Firdaus is right now, I’ll say it’s all by accident. 

What was your life before Firdaus?

Shachi: My mind has always been wavering. At the end of 10th standard, I found biology very interesting so I opted for biology in my +2 and decided to be a doctor. There was time constraint in my life so my father suggested Forensic Science, as it’s a new booming subject. My scorpion trait of solving mysteries inclined me further towards the subject. After a failed attempt at NEET, I moved to Mumbai and got selected at the Institute of Forensic Science. I have been an active kid and always loved singing. My boyfriend/ fiancé almost made me switch my career and persuaded me to sing. Without leaving my job, I began as a singer and songwriter and started an Instagram page. I got my first record deal in 2021 with Reverse Prodigy and we started working together on a song called ‘Piya.’ It turned out well so we approached a music label who liked it and asked us to make 6 songs for them. When my creative juices were flowing out of my brain, that’s when I decided I should write poetry and spoken word pieces as well.

SN: By education, I am a forensic science expert, songwriter, singer, spoken word artist, content creator and like most of you’ll know, Firdaus. 

Shachi: When we talk of writing, do you have a particular space where you write or do you just jot down ideas as they come to you?

A lot of people think there’s this space and zone for writers. Even I would think along the same lines. Let me tell you, there’s nothing like that. Your brain is a strange place. Some of the most beautiful thoughts will come to you at the most random places.

In fact, I’ve been wanting to write in the mountains for the longest. Last week I was in the Spiti circuit and I could not write a single word. What I was witnessing was so beautiful that all my creative juices went numb. 

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SN: If you had to describe your content creation journey in a single word, what would it be?

Shachi: I would call the journey as Revelation. I did not plan this. The art that I am finding in myself is a revelation to me as well. 

SN: As a writer, you’d be in an entirely different headspace. So did it bother to make videos and reels?

Shachi: When I started as Firdaus, it was supposed to be static, in documented form. Soon, I knew this would not work. I am that person who needs results. I am very impatient for results. When I started seeing my first million on Firdaus as I started posting reels and videos, then I thought I’ll get into content creation and post regularly. I realised what I am doing is not art. I don’t want this to be a product. That’s when I decided I’ll post as and when I can release good content. It has been difficult for me to make this switch but now I am focusing on quality over quantity.

SN: Since you have taken the content creation route, what are your goals in this space? 

Shachi: As a content creator, I have realised that there are some things you have to make for the audience and then there are some things you should make for yourself. I think as long as I create content only to feed the audience, I will not be happy. I want to reach that level where I can make art and feed the audience as well. 

SN: If you had the chance to meet any author or writer, who would it be?

Shachi: One work that affected me when I started reading was Frances Kafka and his letter to Milena. How could somebody describe their feeling to that extent where the other person also feels the same? I would love to meet Kafka and would want to know how he captured the art of writing.

Firdaus weaves magic with Words just as Kafka


SN: You have a full-time job as well. How do you maintain a balance between these roles?

Shachi: If somebody was managing me, they would stay. I cannot manage. Luckily, I work at Kommune and it’s an artist collective for spoken word artists, storytellers and poets. When I joined the Kommune, I started as a social media manager. My work became listening to other people’s stories and I started learning a lot more about myself. It became a two-way street for me.

SN: In terms of content, what more can we expect?

Shachi: I am thinking of venturing into travel. You could see a lot of travel-related videos with more stories. The more you travel, the more you learn about people. You might get to see different content on Firdaus now because Firdaus is exploring. 

SN: What is the process you follow for writing?

Shachi: I started with day and night journaling but soon realised it requires a lot of discipline which I believe I lack right now. Even if I have a half-baked thought, I note it down on my phone. When I have the time and I listen to the music that I like, I open all these thoughts that I have noted down. Then I ponder on these and write down 1 or 2 lines on them. After many permutations and combinations, a whole piece comes out of it and that is what you see on Firdaus. 

Social media is a dynamic world, changing faster than we know. Artists such as Firdaus bring calm to it. Shachi is a breeze of fresh air that brings one the comfort of familiar places. She has the power to invoke feelings through her words and belongingness through her voice. If you haven’t seen her work, do yourself a favour and check it out now!