Fast X also known as Fast and Furious 10 is an action film from the Fast and Furious series, one of the most popular film chains that is loved across the globe. The film stars Vin Diesel in the main role, who is the Messiah who fights evil and eventually protects the world from any kind of threat. Highlighted as part one of the finale series, Fast X was eagerly anticipated by audiences worldwide as well as in India. The hype around the movie was maintained throughout, including premiers. The Indian premier was also a star-studded affair that had many actors and content creators in attendance who came to enjoy their favourite film, before the rest.

Fast X in Rome

As grand as the movie is, its premiere was nothing short of a spectacle. A week before its global release, the film premiere was held in the historically significant Rome. The curtain raiser was done at none other than the famous monument Colosseum on May 12. 

All those who were lucky to witness the magic unfold a week earlier were all pumped and couldn’t stop gushing about how wonderful the movie is. Some also went ahead to call this a comeback movie that puts the Fast and Furious franchise right on track.

The premier was an absolute vista with the entire cast being present in Rome. From Vin Diesel, Michelle Rodriguez, Tyrese Gibson, John Cena, Charlize Theron, Helen Mirren, and Rita Moreno, to a host of other talents were present in Rome, standing against the magnificent Colosseum as its background.

Rome was chosen as the premier city because a major chunk of the film was shot in Rome, drawing a sense of belongingness. 

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The Indian Grand Premier 

Fast X, is a movie that has larger than life ideology at its core, and thereby it needs to be celebrated only that way. Indians made sure this happens even with the premiere. One of its kind experiences, the premiere of the much anticipated Fast X was hosted at the PVR Jio Drive-In theatre in BKC, Mumbai. 

This is the first time a movie premier screening was hosted at a drive-in theatre. To many more firsts! Not only the screening, but the way the movie was screened was another marvellous episode.

Apart from being a drive-in experience, nearly 200 supercars were brought to the venue to add to the charm of the movie. A film is widely known for its swanky automobiles with the latest technology. The Indian premier screen definitely complimented the vibe of the movie with the fanciest cars in the world, being placed at the screening. It’s truly fancy-o-clock at the Jio Drive-in.

Content creators at the event 

The glam at the premier was not limited to the cars but many actors, film experts and content creators were seen at the premiere, who further raised the temperature with the fabulous fashion. 

Barkha Singh was present at the Fast X premier and looks as fresh as a daisy in a summer-apt outfit. Wearing a gorgeous floral slit skirt, along with a statement V-neck blouse, she reminded us of the soothing spring.

Alongside Barkha, our favourite duo Nagma Mirajkar and Awez Darbaar were also present at the screening bringing the breeze of comfort with their fashion. While Nagma opted for a black-on-black fashion and accentuated her look with a biker jacket. Awez picked a more relaxed fit with wide-legged denim and a stylish casual orange shirt. 

The comedy content creators Omkar Bolke and Sumeet Kamath were also present at the premiere, again picking comfortable fits that are equally stylish. Both went ahead with the classic black and white combo, making fashion super simple.

Child actor Ruhaanika Dhawan was also present at the screening looking chic in her monochrome fit. She opted for a neutral colour skirt which she paired with a sheer blush pink top. To add comfort to the look, she went ahead with chunky sneakers that looked great on her.

Additionally, the musical sensation, Bhavin Bhanushali was also present at the premiere. Bhavin is a prominent social media personality who gained prominence through his heart-touching songs and funny content on Instagram. Bhavin picked a well-fitted white shirt and paired them with comfortable pants.

Alongside these creators, many television stars were also present at the premiere including Asha Negi, Prateek Babbar, Priya Banerjee, Saumya Tandon and many others.

Collection till date 

The Fast X fandom has multiplied in size, all thanks to the growing popularity of the movie. On its first day, the movie earned $33 million before it was released in the USA. In South Asian countries such as China and Korea, the movie earned $18 million dollars on its first day and went ahead to earn significant earnings thereafter. 

Fast X is being loved by Indian Fans and Creators

In the first weekend of its release, the film earned close to 60 crores across theatres in the country. Even during the weekdays, Fast and Furious enthusiasts are coming forward to enjoy the film.

During its pre-booking, the tickets sold out in barely a few hours, leaving the fans slightly dejected. However, even after its initial weekend, the movie is going strong and is being deeply appreciated by its 


Fast X is running in theatres both in Hindi and English. If you did not happen to watch the movie to date, please do it now. You cannot absolutely miss this marvellous piece.