Arjun Kanungo and King, both are in high demand recently among the artists in the Indian music industry. The combination of a known singer and rapper is just too hot to handle! Am I right or am I right? Yeah, yeah, I know it’s an absolutely truly stated fact. So, when they created their first-ever music collab it just made the fans crazy with excitement. Arjun’s ‘Famous’ ft. King’s remix just topped the icing on the cake!

On May 29, 2021, the track premiered as a surprise drop on Kanungo’s YouTube channel at 10 pm. This “Drill Pop Version” as stated by King on Instagram, was sung and written by the singer and rapper themselves. Presented by One Mind Music, Arjun composed it solely and co-produced it with Rahul Sathu. Rahul was also behind the mixing and mastering. Vyshak Prince was responsible for making the cool poster. “Another one for @arjunkanungo and this time with @ifeelking, it was fun making this one as it executed in a GTA style, a game franchise I freaking love a lot !”, says the designer on his Instagram.

Within five days of its release, its gained 200K views, and 24K likes. The song was even trending at #47 on the YouTube charts. Now, we can blindly believe that whenever these two artists collaborate, they are going to drop a bomb! Now, if you want to know more about the other two versions of ‘Famous’ then check out Arjun Kanungo Drops His New Remix ‘Famous’ ft. Fotty Seven. For more information on King’s previous tracks, you can have a glance at King’s ‘Shaamein’ ft. Harjas Harjaayi from ‘The Gorilla Bounce’ on YouTube Hits #20 on Trending.