EPR Iyer’s latest song ‘Younger’ in collaboration with Zephyrtone premiered on July 9, 2021, on YouTube. With melodious vibes and killer rap, this track takes you down on a trip to memory lane.  This soulful song with soothing music has received more than 69K views and 13K likes.

Watch ‘Younger’ here:

Behind the music production, mixing and mastering were solely Zephyrtone. EPR and Zephyrtone both wrote down the lyrics and performed in the music video. It was filmed and edited by Souvanik Kundu, distributed by OK listen, and shot by Kundu and Austin. The rapper released the official teaser of ‘Younger’ on July 7, 2021, on YouTube as well as Instagram.

There’s also a new challenge for y’all by EPR on the ‘gram! All you need to do is make a reel on ‘Younger’ with some of your childhood pictures. While posting it make sure to tag the two artists for repost, i.e, EPR and Zephyrtone. Also, use the tag #wheniwasyoungerchallenge!

As stated on EPR’s YouTube channel, ‘Younger’ consists of an “avant-garde melodic chill-vibe and imagery laden soulful poetry.” So, no more waiting! Go and make reels on this sweet track asap! Btw, do you have any idea about his previous track? If not, then check out ‘Reggae Hindustan’: EPR is Back with His New Protest Poetry!