Aditi who goes by Aditinng on Instagram and YouTube with 101K followers and 954 subscribers respectively, is known for her quick and easy editing hacks. Her content will show you hacks for photos and videos. As she stated on her YouTube channel, “2 Minutes me to Maggie [sic] ni bnti yahan mai editing sikha deri hu!!!” 

So, let’s take a peek at 20 Aditinng hacks from 2021!

1. The Light Hack

2. Sting Transition

3. Tea Transition

4. Background Hack

5. Cool Video Trick

6. Laptop Hack

7. Coffee Mug Shot

8. Easy Editing Tutorial

9. Stars on Phone

10. Kurkure Trick

11. Chess Shot

12. Mask Up Tutorial

13. Dual Tone Editing

14. Posing Trick with Light

15. Coloured Zebra Tutorial

16. Cloning

17. Selfie Hack with Blinds

18. Dr. Strange Tutorial

19. Spooky Tutorial

20. Red Shade Edit

If you want to see all her hacks from 2020 in a snippet, then check this out:

Aren’t these edits so cool and easy? It doesn’t even need Adobe Photoshop and Premiere Pro! All she used was Montage Pro for video and PicsArt for photo editing. Aditi seriously showed us that with wit, patience, and hard work anything is possible! More than equipment, your skills matter.