Content creators without a doubt are keeping us entertained with the amazing content that they post and when it comes to collaborations, it is even more interesting. One of the most impressive collaborations that happened this month has been – Deepika Padukone X Content Creator for her brand 82e.

The self-care company 82°E, founded by global Indian icon Deepika Padukone, released her first advertisement, “Feels like home,” earlier this year that celebrates the satisfaction of engaging in straightforward self-care.

In a visual collage where self-care and skincare collide, the video brings the 82°E philosophy to life. The images show ladies engaging in regular self-care routines while also taking good care of their skin. Women’s real, unadulterated voices tell us that these rituals are easy, pleasant, and comforting.

With the launch of this brand, Deepika met and collaborated with lifestyle, fashion and content creators who regularly talk about trends and more.

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Here’s the content that content creators created and posted with the queen!

Some of the content talked about beauty while some was fun trends that she followed with the creators.

Truth with DP!

The Wednesday Reel

Draped in a Saree by Deepika!

Never have I ever but made it skin based!

Deepika’s skincare brand is doing rounds on social media and winning hearts with different kinds of formulations. This event was in collaboration with Meta and gave the creators a chance to meet, and talk about the brand. It was a win for both- brand creators.

You can check out more of their content on Instagram at #82eXMeta !