Nearly two years back, an ordinary day at HBO Max transformed into one of the most memorable days for the entire office and especially for an intern. The social media world is unpredictable, and one mistake at the office led to a trend on social media that drew attention from across the globe, with people enthusiastically adding their experiences. Cut to 2023, after trending on Tiktok, the “Dear Intern” trend is again catching fire with hilarious and heartwarming inputs.

Dear Intern Trend Is Taking Over Twitter
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The HBO Max Scene

From spilled coffee to paper jams, interns are no strangers to mishaps. However, the amusing tale of an intern at HBO Max who accidentally sent a testing email to millions of subscribers remains the most iconic one. Recognizing the need for swift damage control, HBO Max’s team leapt into action. A follow-up email was promptly dispatched, owning up to the error and providing a lighthearted explanation. The team skillfully employed humour and self-deprecating wit, reassuring subscribers of an uninterrupted streaming experience.

However, what followed the fiasco, restored people’s faith in the internet and social media. 

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The unintentional hero

So, instead of humiliating the intern, netizens came together from different parts of the world to comfort the intern and let them know that they are not the only ones, sharing their amusing anecdotes, transforming the incident into a collective source of entertainment.

In the realm of HBO Max, where binge-worthy stories come to life, an unexpected plot twist emerged from the fingertips of an intern. This accident brought laughter, confusion, and a newfound sense of camaraderie among netizens. This unforgettable incident serves as a reminder that the greatest adventures can arise from the most trivial of errors.

Recurrence of the trend

In the vast realm of social media, where news spreads like wildfire, and sometimes the fire catches twice, the intern responsible for the HBO Max email mishap again became an unintentional star and the reappearance of a lighthearted internet phenomenon.

Twitter users quickly seize the opportunity for comedic relief. This is no exception as the platform buzzes with jokes, memes, and witty remarks, embracing the intern as the hero of an entertaining saga. 

Hashtag like #DearIntern once again is trending on Twitter, with users sharing their workplace blunders and stories of accidental mishaps. The thread of solidarity among Twitter users grew stronger and stronger.

Some of our favourite tweets from the trend

Tell us about your embarrassing stories and maybe we will have the guts to share ours too!