You hear the words “When you pay your credit card bills through.…” and you know instantly what follows next will be an ironical anecdote and a celebrity doing something that we least expect them to. Such is the advertising genius of Cred.


CRED a member’s only credit card bill payment platform rewards its members for clearing their credit card bills on time by giving them access to exclusive rewards and experiences from premier brands.

In their “Not everyone gets it” campaign Cred managed to humorously mix skills with mockery. The advertisement series featured stars from Madhuri Dixit to Anil Kapoor and singers ranging from Bappi Lahiri to Daler Mehndi. What’s interesting is just when the viewers begin to question what the ad is about, in walks the simple voiceover, “Download CRED”. The campaign creatively established their presence in the advertising world.

In their latest installment featuring Jim Sarbh. Cred managed to tap into India’s sporting love, Cricket and got its gentleman Rahul Dravid go berserk in the iconic “Indiranagar ka gunda hoon mein” ad. They pulled two more bunnies from their hats by making Jackie Shroff do Zumba and Kumar Sanu delightfully selling insurance.

By tapping into the three loves of India: Cricket, Bollywood and Music. Cred has successfully managed to become a household name. Time and again their team has left us in awe of their astounding advertisements. What’s commendable is the fact their advertisements have lured in the three generations of the financial world. The young (newly working), the experienced (currently working) and the old (retired) making it greater for the good.