There’s nothing quite like the magical experience of watching a movie in the cosy confines of a theatre. But what if the cinematic experience could be elevated even further? Imagine sipping on a delightful NESCAFÉ, feeling a warm hug in a cup, as you immerse yourself in the captivating world of films. This heartwarming combination is soon becoming a reality. Nestlé, a globally renowned food and beverage company, has joined hands with leading cinema chains, PVR INOX, to introduce its range of refreshing beverages to moviegoers. 

The flavourful collaboration

Nestlé has teamed up with PVR and Inox to elevate the movie experiences at cinema halls across 29 cities in India. With over 80 years of roasting and brewing expertise, NESCAFÉ will be joined by other Nestlé beverage options such as Nestea Cardamom Tea and Nesquik hot cocoa at cinema halls. As a part of this exciting collaboration, Nestlé aims to offer consumers a wide range of freshly dispensed beverages from vending machines at more than 200 PVR and Inox theatres.

Creators happy as Nestlé beverages served at PVR INOX

Gone are the days when cinema refreshments were limited to popcorn and soda. Theatres today are evolving to meet the demands of their discerning audiences who seek more than just a typical movie snack. The introduction of Nestlé beverages including their premium coffees, has given rise to a delightful new trend in the world of cinema indulgence, elevating the cinematic experience.

Nestlé Out-of-Home strategy

Nestlé Professional are dedicated to addressing the unique challenges and opportunities of Out of Home customers. They offer high-quality food and beverage solutions and services, spanning product categories such as whole roasted beans, premix-based beverages, confectionery, dairy, and food solutions. The company has recently introduced cutting-edge machines that offer freshly brewed coffee from whole roasted coffee beans, as well as other beverages like instant tea and cocoa, ensuring an enhanced experience for consumers seeking a variety of delicious and comforting drinks outside of their homes.

Creators welcome Nestlé

Our first paced lives, long working hours, often make us caffeine dependent life-forms and coffee has found its way to top the priority list. Creators also are not far behind when it comes to coffee. This partnership between Nestlé and PVR- Inox marks a significant milestone in the entertainment and beverage industry, as creators and cinema enthusiasts alike welcome the arrival of Nestlé’s popular drink selections at their favourite movie theatres. 

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Ankita Chhetri

Content creator, Influencer and model Anita Chhetri could not wait to introduce the newest star of the big screen, her comfort drink, Nescafé Cappuccino. In a Get Ready With Me Video, Ankita took her followers on a ride to the PVR as she excitedly introduced her fam to the latest addition at theatres. Showing the fine coffee beans from Nescafé, Ankita shared the best news!

Chandni Bhabhda

Chandni, known for her exceptional mimicry skills also expressed her joy over the introduction of Nestlé beverages at PVR and Inox theatres. As a part of the collaboration, Chandni dropped a picture in a pink hoodie holding her cup of coffee having a huge smile plastered across her face. We cannot wait to experience the amazing ‘blend of excitement and flavour’ just like Chandni.

RJ Kisna

The king of humour, Rj Kisna also could not stop himself from grabbing a cup of comfort, that too the delicious Nescafé. In an amusing post Kisna announces the “flavourful” news but we surely could not look beyond his flexibility as he did a semi-slit for the photos. While we feared the coffee would spill, we get your point, Kisna, and we ourselves can’t wait to grab our drink

Saloni Gaur

Our very favourite Saloni Gaur also collaborated with PVR to introduce their newest member on the menu. In a rant video with her friend, Saloni is seen constantly complaining about the movie scene until she gets a hold of the delicious Nescafé cappuccino and once the delicious drink is hers, she is okay watching yet another show. Not sure but we too would have followed Saloni’s footsteps had we had the Nescafé Cappuccino with us.

The welcoming of Nestlé beverages at PVR and INOX theatres represents an earnest approach on behalf of brands to serve their consumers a wide variety of options while maintaining the quality. The creators’ collaboration has surely made the news popular and truth to be told, we have been influenced too and all we need is for the clock to strike coffee-o-clock. After all, the weather is also acting in favour of Nestlé.