World Ocean Day is an annual global observance held on June 8th to raise awareness about the importance of the ocean and promote sustainable practices to protect and conserve it. Cruises live the closest to oceans and we thought what better way to celebrate the day than by highlighting the luxury Indian Cruise line, Cordelia Cruises, that operates in and around India. Cordelia has been collaborating with several creators to market their “Empress” to rule the charts and safe to say,  tapping on influencer marketing has helped the cruise line.

World Ocean Day and its Significance

The United Nations officially recognised World Ocean Day in 2008 to highlight the significance of the ocean in our ecosystem and to mobilise individuals and communities worldwide to become stewards of the ocean. The day provides an opportunity to focus on various issues related to the ocean, including marine pollution, climate change, overfishing, habitat destruction, and the need for marine conservation.

World Ocean Day : Creators on Cordelia


Cordelia Cruise 

Cordelia Cruises is an Indian cruise line that offers a variety of cruise experiences in India and around neighbouring countries such as Sri Lanka. The cruise line aims to provide a unique and enjoyable vacation experience for passengers, combining luxury, entertainment, and hospitality. Some of the destinations Cordelia includes are Mumbai, Goa, Diu, Lakshadweep, and Sri Lanka. The cruise line offers different types of cruises, such as short getaways, weekend cruises, and longer voyages.

On board Cordelia Cruises, passengers can enjoy a variety of amenities and activities. The ships are equipped with multiple dining options, including restaurants serving a variety of cuisines, bars, lounges, and cafes. Entertainment options typically include live performances, music, dance shows, and a range of recreational activities like swimming pools, fitness centres, and spa facilities.

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Cordelia and Creator Collaborations

Influencer marketing has become a popular strategy for many companies, including cruise lines, to promote their products and services. These collaborations typically involve creators documenting their journey on the cruise, showcasing the ship’s amenities, onboard activities, dining options, and the destinations visited. They may share their experiences through posts, stories, photos, videos, and reviews on their social media platforms, providing their followers with a glimpse into the cruise line’s offerings and generating interest.

Some of our favourite Collaborations

Brinda Shah

Brinda Shah is a Digital creator who is known for her travel, beauty and lifestyle content. With more than 300K followers on Instagram, she has carved a niche for herself. 

Brinda recently travelled to the Agatti Islands with Cordelia and the trip is nothing less than magic. The travel junkie found multiple options through Cordelia and truth be told, our adrenaline rush-o-metre is at the maximum.

Shragvee Shukla

Shargvee is a digital creator, restauranteur and blogger who is known for her well-curated content. From luxury staycation to delectable experiences in and around Pune, Shragvee is appreciated for her quality content.

Recently, with her squad, Shragvee hopped on the Cordelia Empress to enjoy a luxury stay while swaying with the rhythmic ocean movement. While the squad tried their hands on some notable trends and explored every nook of the ship.

Garima Goel

Garima Goel known for her work in Tarak Mehta ka Ooltah Chashma, is a content creator and actor who creates content across Youtube, Facebook and Instagram. From exploring new places to trying her hands on the latest fashion and beauty products, Garima’s Instagram is a powerhouse of knowledge.

Ms Goel recently travelled to the Lakshwadeep Islands with Cordelia. While she document her fun Cruise vacation, we loved her snorkelling video and the amazing outfits she wore on Cordelia. 

Kinjal and Sushil

Kinjal and Sushil, popularly known by their Instagram handle Wandering Minds, create content around lifestyle, travel and food ideas. Apart from creating stellar content, the husband-wife duo gives significant couple goals. 

Kinjal and Sushil hopped on Cordelia cruises to enjoy some quality time with each other. In the middle of the vast Arabian Sea, the couple experienced the most magical sunsets and we couldn’t stop gushing at the adorable pair. 

Mridul Sharma

Mridul Sharma is an entrepreneur and fashionista who serves some of the hottest lewks to have ever existed. Mridul’s make-up therapy videos are truly therapeutic to watch, transferring you to a comfy space.

Mridul Sharma recently took a 5 days Cruise vacation with Cordelia Cruises when she travelled to the mesmerising Lakshwadeep islands. Apart from the gorgeous outfits she wore on the cruise, her Mini Suite tour took our breath away and left our jaws dropped on the floor. 

All these creators have left us yearning for a cruise vacation and we can’t wait to enjoy the serene vastness of oceans. Cordelia Cruise, are you listening? 😉