While trends change every hour, some are here to stay for the year. We are talking about the creative trends that are released by Adobe Stock.

The 2023 Annual Creative Trends Forecast for Adobe Stock is available. The paper presents the popular visual trends that are expected to grow in popularity and demand until 2023. In order to determine the design trends and aesthetics that will rule the digital sphere in the upcoming year, Adobe has examined emerging visual cultural themes and significant brand campaigns across a wide range of industries, from the creations of renowned fashion designers to those of everyday users.

Four major creative themes across visual, design, and motion are foreseen in this year’s research and are expected to have a big impact on content across photography, videography, creative writing, social media platforms, blogs, and more. These themes are: “Real is Radical”, “Retro Active”, “Psychic Waves,” and “Animals and Influencers,” among others. These new design trends are anticipated to serve as a roadmap for the Creator Economy’s use of creative talent.

“As we emerge from a time overshadowed by uncertainty related to the global pandemic, people crave content that feels familiar yet fresh, but also evokes feelings through authentic, inclusive and unfiltered experiences,” said Brenda Milis, Principal of Consumer and Creative Insights at Adobe. “These trends are indicative of how creators are envisioning and shaping our world and using their platforms to share content that brings joy and happiness in their own unique styles to people globally.”

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Here are the four trends:

Psychic Waves

New approaches to investigating spirituality, nature, and wellbeing are being inspired by the post-pandemic trend towards prioritising mental health and wellness. Using psychedelic gradients, vivid hues, and aesthetics that integrate surrealist styles, this new trend is focused on creative authenticity as an outlet for expression, including abandoning reality, to transmit experiences beyond the apparent, tangible world.

Real is Radical

It is a celebration of genuine, unvarnished experiences, moments, and realities. It is a reaction against overly curated and filtered stuff. Campaigns showcasing people of different ages, genders, colours, abilities, and sizes are becoming more popular, and brands are substituting unscripted moments for carefully managed ones. Real is Radical graphics, which range from rebellious and confrontational to incredibly vulnerable, forge strong relationships and foster a feeling of community across media channels and platforms.

Retro Active

The Retro Active trend focuses on examining vintage styles and updating them. It was inspired by Gen Z producers who were redefining and experimenting with the aesthetics prominent before they were born.

Influencers and Animals

This trend is based on captivating individuals that appeal to the consumer’s affection and engagement evoked by endearing and attractive critters. As a result, they have spread throughout industries in the form of animation, paintings, photography, and 3D renders, becoming a dominant presence in marketing message.

The trends are here to stay and captivate people.