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There is always something new to watch on Netflix because its library is continually being updated. Netflix has something for everyone, regardless of your preference for movies, TV shows, documentaries, or reality shows. Here are a few recent Netflix releases that you might find interesting.


After EastEnders, Danny Dyer debuted a new game show on Netflix.
Here’s everything you need to know about the quiz that the former serial opera star of Cheat will be moderating with comedian Ellie Taylor.

Players are put through a general knowledge test in Cheat, but even if they don’t know the answer, they can still advance to the final round by lying to themselves and answering questions incorrectly—as long as they don’t get discovered. As the jackpot for this question is a whopping £50,000, it makes sense to cheat.

It will be live on March 1.

Sex/Life: Season 2

During a stroll down memory lane filled with fantasy, a suburban wife and mother’s present and wild-child past collide. The drama series Sex/Life was influenced by BB Easton’s novel 44 Chapters About 4 Guys. In the television show, Billie (Sarah Shahi) is a Connecticut housewife who has recently given birth to her second child with husband Cooper (Mike Vogel).

They look to be living the ideal life, but Billie soon starts fantasising about her ex Brad, a record label mogul played by Adam Demos. She is so dissatisfied with her current sex life with her spouse that she keeps a detailed record about their previous relationship. The first season came to an abrupt end.

The show will be live on 2nd March.

Next in Fashion: Season 2

In this competition series, hosted by Alexa Chung and Tan France, designers collaborate to create imaginative styles that suit everyone.

Season 2 of Next in Fashion will see the contestants present their weekly creations in front of a number of “fashion royalty,” including Bella Hadid, French designer Olivier Rousteing, model Candice Swanepoel, Hailey Bieber, internet personality Emma Chamberlain, and — drum roll — Donatella Versace herself. This was hinted at by the show’s new host, Next in Fashion’s Gigi Hadid.

It releases on 3rd March.

Divorce Attorney Shin

An planned South Korean television programme called Divorce Attorney Shin will include Cho Seung-woo, Han Hye-jin, Kim Sung-kyun, and Jung Moon-sung.

It is based on a webtoon of the same name by Kang Tae-kyung.

The show will be available to watch on march 4th.

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Ridley Jones: Season 5

A show for kids so that they can binge netflix too!

The Museum of Natural History’s treasures and secret are kept safe by Ridley and her pals since everything comes to life at night.

This show will be out on march 6.

MH370: The Plane That Disappeared

The 2014 disappearance of Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 is the subject of the planned British docuseries MH370: The Aircraft That Disappeared, which is being directed by Louise Malkinson.

On Netflix, it will debut in three parts beginning on March 8, 2023.

You: Season 4, Part 2

We had to wait until March for the release of You season four part two in order to see what occurs next in Joe’s journey.

The Netflix crew uploaded a clapperboard from the set that has the date March 22, 2022 written on it, marking the formal start of season four filming in London. One may anticipate that the second installment will be equally suspenseful as the first, with plenty of mystery and carnage.

The part two will be live on March 9th.

The Law of the Jungle

Twelve people who have been left alone in the jungle must cooperate or undermine one another in order to share in the jackpot. What is your price, players? Every player has a price.

The show will be out on March 15.

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