Let’s kick off your Sunday with a delicious feast from Guntas Sethi, whose cuisine will undoubtedly inspire you to prepare and try something new!

Chef Guntas Sethi is a well-known culinary professional recognized for her remarkable culinary abilities and original approach to cuisine. She is a patisserie chef from Le Cordon Bleu, London, specializes as a recipe curator and developer, and has been recognized as an EU food ambassador in India.

Social media boosted her development, served as a platform for her to showcase her abilities, and allowed her to interact with a larger audience in order to share recipes, advertise their food, and engage with other foodies by using social media platforms like Instagram, YouTube, and Facebook.

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She has established herself as a mainstay in the food sector for many years, winning the respect and awe of both industries—food enthusiasts and culinary specialists!

Her passion for food began at a young age because she grew up in a family that valued good food and cooking. Slowly and gradually she developed her cooking skills in the kitchen, experimenting with various ingredients and flavors and she soon realized that she has a gift for coming up with delicious-looking dishes.

Chef Guntas uses locally sourced, fresh ingredients and adds her own unique twist, as she possesses the rare ability to make traditional recipes reach new heights.

Along with her accomplishments in her current field, she has also been acknowledged for her love of teaching and guiding aspiring chefs. She has mentored numerous promising chefs and is committed to sharing her expertise with the upcoming generation.

Happy Drooling!