Burak Deniz is a gifted Turkish actor who has won over audiences with his endearing demeanour, attractive appearance, and remarkable playing abilities. He is an Istanbul native.

In 2011, Deniz made his acting debut in a minor role in the Turkish TV show “Sultan.” He eventually earned fame for his major part in the Turkish adaption of “The O.C.” called “Medcezir,” which was broadcast on television. Deniz performed the role of Yaman Koper in the 2013–2015 television series.

The turkish actor who was recently India, turned the population here so excited with his presence.

Due to the growing accessibility of Turkish TV episodes on global streaming platforms, Deniz has gained popularity not only in Turkey but also in other nations. On social media, where he has a sizable following, he frequently engages with his followers and offers updates on his work.

His performance in “Tatl’ ntikam” earned him the “Best Actor” prize at the 2016 Turkey Youth Awards, one of several accolades for his performances.

Turkish actor Burak Deniz has starred in a number of popular television series. His notable TV programmes include:

  1. “Medcezir” (2013–2015): Burak Deniz won acclaim for his pivotal performance as Yaman Koper in this well-liked series. The Turkish version of the American television program “The O.C.”
  2. Deniz portrayed Sinan, the main character, in the 2016 romantic comedy series “Tatl ntikam” For his work in this show, he received the “Best Actor” prize at the 2016 Turkey Youth Awards.
  3. In the drama series “Bizim Hikaye” (2017–2019), Deniz portrayed Barş, Filiz’s brother. The show was modeled after the well-liked American TV show “Shameless.”
  4. Deniz portrayed Marasli, the main character, in the action-drama series “Maraşl” (2021). Throughout its duration, the program earned positive reviews from viewers and received excellent ratings.

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Some of the shows that are available on OTT in India to watch and enjoy-

Don’t Leave

Semih’s relationship with his girlfriend ends abruptly. He would soon have to face what he had long disregarded as he looks for explanations regarding their relationship.


Sahsu decides to visit her estranged grandfather when she travels to Adana, but she soon finds herself at the centre of a myth.

The Ignorant Angels

When Antonia learns that her late husband had a gay relationship with a man named Michele, she unexpectedly develops a connection with him. As a result, they both come to understand and appreciate one another.

There are more movies and tv shows by the actor but not all are available on OTTs. However, you can find them over the internet.

Burak Deniz is a skilled actor who has established himself in the Turkish entertainment sector and is positioned for success abroad. Many people admire him for his talent, charisma, and altruistic spirit, and he will undoubtedly continue to make an influence in the years to come. Do check out his content