There are times when you want to shower your sibling with nothing but love and wonder what is it that makes you so lucky to be blessed with them. But who are we kidding, these are a few rare times, right?

Dushyant Kukreja and Priyal Kukreja is the sibling duo that we’re talking abaout today. The duo started making videos together before even the collaboration video feature came to life on Instagram. They make prank videos, fun relatable content for siblings and more.

With a fan following of 1 million Dushyant has an interesting Instagram handle. The creator is not just a name on Instagram. He has garnered a fan following of 16 million+ subscribers over YouTube, 22 million+ on Takatak and 400k+ on Snapchat, he’s quite a famous personality.

Dushyant’s videos are full-fledged comedy, entertainment, knowledge and emotions. Priyal who is also a YouTuber, Instagram model and Social media celebrity has been making the content for some time now and she has 580k+ followers on Instagram.

Some of their reels that you should check out-

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Check out the funny content they make on both their profiles. You might just find something that is relatable to you and your siblings or cousins.