Indian consumers’ love for Korean culture continues to grow, and ITC Bingo! is tapping into this trend with its latest offering. The brand has launched Bingo! 2X Hot and Spicy Korean style chips, marking its foray into Korean-inspired savoury snacks in India. With the rising popularity of Korean entertainment, from K-drama to K-pop, and the increasing interest in Korean cuisine, Bingo! aims to cater to the evolving preferences of its consumers.

Bingo Rides the hallyu wave with Aoora for Korean chips

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The Korean Wave in India

Since 2020, Korean culture has witnessed a surge in interest in India, extending beyond entertainment to include music, skincare, traditional culture, literature, language, and food. Mintel reports indicate that approximately 30 percent of Gen Z females in India express interest in exploring new Korean flavours. This phenomenon, known as ‘Hallyu’ or the Korean Wave, signifies the global spread of Korean entertainment and culture.

Bingo Rides the hallyu wave with Aoora for Korean flavoured chips


Bingo!’s Bingo Move

Suresh Chand, VP & head of marketing, Snacks, Noodles, and Pasta at ITC Foods, recognises the significant penetration of Korean culture in India, particularly among the Gen Z audience. Acknowledging the demand for Korean experiences in snacking, the brand launched its spicy, tangy Korean-style chips, tailored to the spice-loving palates of Indian consumers. This move aligns with the company’s commitment to innovation and meeting evolving consumer preferences.

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Expanding Product Offerings

ITC’s entry into Korean-inspired snacks follows the success of Korean noodles in the Indian market. Reports a substantial growth in the Korean noodles market, with various brands launching Korean-flavoured products. Knorr, Nestle India, and Nissin have all introduced Korean meal options, capitalising on the growing demand for Korean cuisine among Indian consumers.

Strategic Collaborations

To amplify the launch of Bingo! 2X Hot and Spicy Korean-style chips, ITC Bingo! has collaborated with popular South Korean singer Aoora for a new song titled “Maeun Maeun,” translating to “Spicy, Spicy” in Korean. 

The electrifying music video, conceptualised by Tonic Worldwide, aims to resonate with fans of Korean pop culture and generate excitement around the new product. Park Min-jun, also known as Aoora, gained popularity in India after appearing on the reality show Bigg Boss, further enhancing the collaboration’s appeal.

Comprehensive Marketing Campaign

Bingo! is planning a comprehensive 360-degree media campaign to engage with consumers effectively. Leveraging social media platforms and partnering with influencers, including Korean influencers in India, Indian influencers in Korea, and food vloggers, the brand aims to create pre-launch excitement and drive awareness about its new Korean-inspired chips. Promotional spots featuring the song Maeun Maeun will be strategically placed across various entertainment channels, ensuring maximum reach and impact.

ITC Bingo!’s introduction of Korean-inspired chips reflects the brand’s strategic response to the growing demand for Korean culture in India. By leveraging collaborations, innovative product offerings, and comprehensive marketing campaigns, Bingo! is well-positioned to capture the attention of consumers seeking authentic Korean experiences in their snacking choices. As the Korean Wave continues to make waves globally, brands like Bingo! are poised to ride the tide and cater to the evolving tastes of their audience.