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Every person makes a difference in another person’s life but there are some people who make difference in more than one life. One such person is him who has touched hearts with his acting and character derivation. Amitabh Bachchan who is famously known as BigB has done some amazing acting work and is a living legend for many. He has not only given us amazing movies but also some iconic advertisements.

As he turns 80 today, here are a few advertisements that not only brought smile to our faces but also made sure the product and service is delivered in a way that it makes it trustworthy.

Kalyan Jewellers

Him being the brand ambassdor for this brand, he has won respect and made a brand loylty for customers for sure with the trust he puts out there.


These advertisments of Bikaji were everything entertainment because of Amitabh Bachchan being all funny and smart in his way of putting why Bikaji is important snack for him.

The advertisment also had a very catchy song which definitely many eyes and ears.


The Maaza advertisement is an aexample of how he gets into different roles and does justice to the fact that he can do any role beautifully just like his movies.

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Gujarat Tourism

BigB also did advertisemetns with government earlier and continues to do so. Some of them were for Gujarat tourism and here’s how he won those too.

Binani cement

Who thought a cement advertisement can be this interesting.


This advertisement of promotion of a biscuit is again an example of how he doesn’t fail to give the best expressions with less words, truly.

The man is working in full speed and doesnt fail to entertain his audiences at all. He has done many advertisments and these are not all of them.

Do let us know which one is it that you’ve enjoyed watching the most and has stayed with you for years.