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The brands put their heart into making sure that the advertisement delivers what they want to tell their customers. It can be any brand then- from clothing to printers. H&M is that one global brand that does the advertising in effective yet minimal ways (sometimes) and has great visual effects for the people. It is definitely not an easy task to have all the loyalty built over the years. With the festive season being around, the brands are all going to come up with interesting advertisement ideas.

In the current dynamic environment, it is important for any brand to keep up with not just the promotion of their brand but also the work that would be remembered by people for its storyline. Keeping emotions in the mind of people, some brands outdo their work and it shows in the hype.

With this Jim Sarbh reel, the brand didn’t reveal itself but did what had to be done- created the hype of what exactly is it. He is seen in an outfit of a liftman where he says, “Come ride with me, it gets brighter than ever.”

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Two days later, the advertisement was released on Jim’s Instagram page.

The advertisement is everything- LIT! It shows how he is brightening lives of people whoever enters his elevator. The advertisement is modern yet connected to roots of festivity.

H&M has been running #BrighterThanEver for sometime now and it is their way to celebrate festivities.

“Thrilled to finally bring the prized yet personal versions of Brighter Than Ever! So, allow us to take you on a joyride that is sure to transport you to the festive season. #BrighterThanEver collection is now available in-stores and online on or H&M app!” wrote the celeb in the caption of the advertisement indicating the new collection is now out there to shop.

Do let us know more brands that have caught your eye over the time just like this one.