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2022 is over and it is a new year for brands to get started with newer campaigns. Some of the brands released advertisements at the end of 2022 and here are some that really caught our attention.


More people than ever before searched “can I change” this year. People are discovering methods to reinvent themselves and the world by switching occupations or looking for new perspectives. Google released a video about how it has been in lives throughout the year.


This campaign by Ariel brought to notice that only 27% of all women believe their spouses help around the house on special occasions. Everyone is urged to distribute the weight equally through Ariel’s #CelebrateEqual campaign. Because celebrating equality is a genuine cause for celebration.

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According to Vivo, technology is happy when it brings people together. However, excessive smartphone use is damaging marriages in India. Let’s choose a moment to “switch off” and “live the joy”.


With New Year, WhatsApp also took a step to make sure you have a great one. This New Year’s Eve, celebrate with all of your closest friends and experience the fireworks inside. Hello from WhatsApp in 2023!