The beloved YouTube duo, Catherine and Austin McBroom of ‘The ACE Family,’ have made headlines with their divorce announcement. The couple, known for sharing their family life since 2016, have been the epitome of love and thereby the news of separation came as a shock to fans as well as the entire community.

Austin McBroom and Catherine Paiz Announce Divorce

The Ace Family’s Journey on YouTube

Starting their YouTube venture in 2016, the McBrooms quickly gained popularity with their family vlogs, challenges, and pranks, amassing over 18 million subscribers. However, their rise to fame was accompanied by controversies, including accusations of scamming fans through giveaways and legal troubles stemming from Austin McBroom’s controversial boxing event.

Facing Rumours and Allegations

The couple faced persistent rumours and allegations, particularly regarding Austin’s fidelity. In 2022, the McBrooms declared that they would be leaving YouTube, leaving fans speculating about the reasons behind this decision. The lack of uploads on their main channel for seven months only fueled the curiosity of their dedicated audience.

Catherine Paiz’s Instagram Revelation

On January 11, 2024, Catherine McBroom took to Instagram to announce the heartbreaking decision to divorce. Citing “irreconcilable challenges” in their marriage, she expressed a sense of liberation, revealing that prioritising family had led her to lose herself and personal happiness.

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Acknowledging the End and Supporting Each Other

In a parallel statement, Austin McBroom shared a photo of the couple in skydiving gear, acknowledging the end of their almost decade-long journey. Stressing mutual agreement on the divorce, he emphasised their commitment to remaining a team for the sake of their children. 

Personal Struggles

The McBrooms’ personal struggles extend beyond their marriage. The foreclosure of their $9 million home in 2021, accompanied by claims of being scammed by contractors, was in the news for quite some time raising questions.

The Ace Family’s announcement of divorce adds another chapter to the tumultuous journey of celebrities in the public eye. Navigating legal troubles, controversies, and personal challenges, Catherine and Austin McBroom now face scrutiny as well. As they embrace a new beginning individually, their commitment to co-parenting and supporting each other hints at their maturity.