In a world dominated by creators doing traditional, often mundane quiz games, there emerges a refreshing and unique Instagram page – “Arey Pata Hai” that promises to engage your mind while making you laugh uncontrollably. Meet Swati Dwivedi, Nipun Jain, and Mohit Mamoria, the creative minds behind this entertaining venture, as they take you on a journey through a world of quick thinking, fun challenges, and fascinating facts.

Meet the Minds Behind ‘Arey Pata Hai’

In April 2023, these three friends decided to channel their curiosity and their love for content creation into something very special. Individually, they had always been drawn to both creating content as well as keeping themselves updated with general knowledge. Soon, when they stumbled upon the thought, they had a fabulous idea of making their love for both into a page.

This time, they were determined to stay and create something unique yet enjoyable to watch! Their goal was simple yet powerful: They decided that they would create content for an entire year, no matter what. Even if their videos garnered just a few views or even if they faced trolls, they were going to do what they loved most and stay consistent.

So, they embarked on this exciting journey together, shooting videos everywhere from malls and restaurants to their home office. They discovered that when you’re having fun while creating content, people have fun while watching it too. Their passion and authenticity started to shine through, and it wasn’t long before their unique take on quiz games started attracting an ever-growing audience.

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Where Learning Meets Entertainment!

What sets Swati, Nipun, and Mohit’s ‘Arey Pata Hai’ Instagram page apart from others is the diverse range of content that they offer. Their videos cover a myriad of topics that challenge not just your knowledge but also your quick thinking and reflexes. Here are some of the engaging challenges you can find on their page:

Brand Logo Guessing: Can you guess the logos of famous brands in the blink of an eye? It’s easy, something you often see in your day-to-day life, but do you remember them is the real question?

State Capital Quiz: Get back to those school days and reminisce about those memories of learning geography. They are here to test your geography skills by naming the capitals of different states.

General Knowledge Quiz: Let’s find out if you’re actually smart and caught up with what’s happening in day-to-day life. Get ready to brush up on your general knowledge with interesting trivia questions.

Language Challenge: Try your hand at naming everyday objects in English that are commonly referred to in Hindi. It’s a fun way to test your bilingual skills and learn something new!

Gen Z Slang: Are you up-to-date with the latest Gen Z slang? If not, you might get sprayed with water or find your face in a plate full of flour. Stay trendy and have a good laugh while doing it!

But it’s not all fun and games; they also take the time to explain complex things in a simple and engaging manner. They tackle subjects that make you wonder, for example, why bruises turn blue, debunk myths about periods, and even explore the science behind morning breath, among many more. Their explanations are both informative and precise, making learning enjoyable.

If you’re tired of the same old boring quiz games and are looking for a dose of laughter and learning rolled into one, then this Instagram page is a must-follow. Their commitment to consistency and their passion for what they do shine through in every video, making learning fun and entertaining.

So, head over to their page, challenge your knowledge, test your reflexes, and maybe even learn a thing or two along the way. Let Swati, Nipun, and Mohit take you on a journey where curiosity meets creativity, and traditional quiz games get a hilarious and entertaining twist!