Apple has been on a roll since it announced the Vision Pro on 5th June at the World developers Conference. Alongside the exciting Vision Pro that has gotten individuals all curious, Apple also announced a software update. The all-new iOS 17 software is every bit exciting and we really cannot wait to try our hands on the new updates. From new apps to better-than-before features, Apple really has its game together.

Apple announces iOS 17

The release date 

Apple iOS 17 will be available for people from the fall of this year. While the developer’s beta version is immediately available to them, the public beta version will be released starting next month. However, the update will be widely available for Apple users in the fall, most probably in the month of October.

Will the update be paid?

No, the iOS 17, just like any other update can be enjoyed without spending a penny. The software update will be available for free download for the users.

Who can enjoy iOS 17?

The Apple iOS 17 software update will be available for iPhone XS and later. However, certain features may be affected by the region, language or device. An accurate list of features can be learnt and understood for the Apple website.

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What are the latest features?

  • Firstly, Apple launched 2 new apps with iOS 17. StandBy and Journaling, the new applications claim to make the experience even more personal for iPhone users. With StandBy, one can enjoy the full screen experience even when the phone is away from charging. The glanceable information will make it easier to not miss important notifications even while working in the kitchen or being engrossed elsewhere.
  • With Journaling, Apple aims to contribute to the mental well-being of people. With the help of machine learning, the app will also give personalised suggestions, helping beginners to make journaling a habit. These suggestions will be based on recent activity including photos, people, etc. 
  • For contacts, iOS 17 allows for contact posters that can include photos, Memojis, font colours, etc.
  • With live voicemail, Apple users will have access to real-time transcripts of the voicemail, allowing the user the decision-making ability to decide whether or not it needs immediate attention. Spam calls will not go to live mail and shall be instantly declined by the device itself.
  • When a user is not available to answer a FaceTime, one can send live videos and photos for the person to enjoy the moment later. FaceTime also has more reactions including hearts, rains, laser beams, etc.
  • One can also cast FaceTime on Apple TV while on call or directly answer it on the Apple TV. 
  • Messages are going to be better than ever.  The catch-up arrow will help the users to get back to the conversation where they left off. Messages also get the transcription feature. 
  • With check-in, the users can notify the selected contacts of their information whether or not they have reached. CheckIn will also communicate critical battery, device’s location, etc. 
  • AirDrop gets all the more convenient with easy sharing. With NameDrop, one can share a contact merely by touching the iPhone to iPhone or Apple Watch. 
  • Autocorrect gets more intelligent and gives more sensible suggestions while typing. Thank God! No more duck to duck! Hell with you autocorrect! Predictive text will also appear inline, making texting faster than ever. 
  • While private browsing one can lock their browsers when not in use and can start from where they left off. Enhanced security with Safari will also make the process all the more secure for the users. 
  • Apple Maps finally can be used offline. Once the users download the specific area map, they can use it offline. Maps now will also offer real-time charging information for EVs.
  • A collaborative Apple Music playlist and SharePlay will also be introduced in iOS 17 that will allow friends to contribute to the music play collectively. A person without an Apple Music subscription will also enjoy controls to the list. 
  • Siri no longer needs the prefix “hey” and can be given multiple instructions without having to reactivate the assistant every time one needs to give a new instruction. 
  • With machine learning, the people’s album in photos will be able to recognise the user’s favourite people including animals such as cats and dogs. 
  • Reminders in iOS 17 will also make way for the grocery list, in which items will automatically be grouped into categories, making shopping a child’s play. 
  • Home, Health, Accessibility, Privacy and Visual Look Up will also be available with enhanced features in iOS 17.

With all these in store, we really cannot wait for the new update. 

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