Ankush Bahuguna (@ankushbahuguna), or as you may know his other page as (@wingitwithankush) on Instagram, is the influencer who normalises the application of make-up on himself and other content creators, including but not limited to men. He is known for breaking down walls, and his title comes from Cosmopolitan India. This year, he was honoured with the ‘Breaking Barriers‘ award, and doesn’t he deserve it?

He has built a community of 700K+ followers and creates content to entertain each and every one of them. His most trending reel is a short clip from his movie, ‘Almost’ with the caption, “They made it, almost. But then they didn’t.”.

He’s known for his sarcastic and entertaining observational comedy videos. One of his most popular reels is how jewellery and clothing accounts on Instagram react with “Check DM” (short form for direct messaging on Instagram) when asked “Pp” (price please) in the comments, which has earned 7.4 million views. Not only is his content amusing, but he also knows how to connect with his audience, and as a result, he is praised for each post that he uploads.

While he used to write, edit, and eventually act for MensXP before starting his journey with YouTube and Instagram as an influencer, he soon began to follow his dreams by uploading those videos on Instagram, and the rest is history. When he released his Goa vlog on YouTube, he made his audience fall in love with Osho Jain‘s ‘Tu Aisa Kaise Hai’ and listen to it on repeat. The vlog was recorded on his birthday and went viral in a matter of hours, garnering over 177K views as of today.

Another rare piece of art that he has contributed to is his short film, ‘Almost‘ that I mentioned earlier. It is a six-minute film based on a break up that makes the audience relive theirs and get the closure they never thought they needed, in the first place. Also read, ‘Three Films that will Inspire Strong Feelings in Audiences’. His movie starred Shibani Bedi and himself playing the characters which were beautifully penned down by him.

If only, there was something he didn’t try… Well, if that were true, we wouldn’t call him the ‘Master of All’ influencer that he is today. We cannot thank him enough for making this world a better place with his content.