The comic and relatability that he brings with his content are extraordinary and the creator is just 200k less to hit one million followers on Instagram. Meet Ankush Bahuguna- the creator you know, the dancer you don’t. Although he is not a professional dancer, Ankush’s dance reels are nothing less than astounding.

Like other creators and artists, he too follows Instagram trends too closely and ensures to create his version before the trend dies down. Lately, apart from his fun videos and reaction to trivial situations, Ankush also actively shakes a leg or two on the popular song trends on Instagram Reels. For a few, he partners with choreographer Shazeb Sheikh in a studio while in others he takes it upon himself to give his personal touch to the trends by adding some spins and ‘tadka‘.

Whether it be the #AditiChallenge or grooving to CKay’s Nwantiti with grace and some twists to adding his own flavour to his favourite playlists, Ankush Bahgana is a wholesome entertainer and so are his dance reels. A concoction of some serious moves with quirk and fun, Ankush Bahuguna’s dance is a visual treat. Here we glance through his short video performances on the photo-sharing app.

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