Fridays are exciting (TGIF duh!) , weekends are relaxing while weekdays are just bland. 


Every day brings in a different feeling or what can rightly be said a different mood. Amazon Prime Video India (@primevideoin) has identified the “moods” we all go through and has summed us up under their # (hashtag) #MoodsOfPrime.
#MoodsOfPrime hilariously captures our moods through the thick and thins of life, our reactions to funny or lame statements and our feelings before and after watching something or deciding what to watch (which honestly takes most of the time). Keeping the facts in mind let’s have a look at some of the best #MoodsOfPrime which only makes us say “Hard Relate” 

1.“so much to see, so much to feel. so, what’s your mood?”

2.“all of us rn 🥱

3.“give someone a hug right now 🤗

4.“sanjay dutt’s expression is a mood 😩 

5.“Dhundhne se toh bhagwan bhi mil jate hai! But if you want a show recommendation then check out the mood engine by @primevideoin which will give you movie and series recommendations based on your mood!

What’s your MOOD like?