The festival of colors and one of the biggest festivals of India, Holi just culminated and so did the fear of getting attacked with gulaal– for a few of us though! There is always that one friend in every group, one member of every family who finds ways to avoid colors on Holi. The popular digital creators –Bakkbenchers– took on a similar mission albeit a twist.

Touted as India’s first interactive video, Bakkbenchers launched the video titled ‘Choose How To Avoid Colours On Holi’ on Youtube. The video brought with it a pat on the back of its creators for the ideation and execution.

Video description – Are you someone who wants to avoid colors this Holi? Do you think if you would have made better decisions, you could have avoided getting colored by your friends altogether? Then this video is for you! Watch INDIA’S FIRST YOUTUBE INTERACTIVE VIDEO where your decisions could help this trio.

Apart from a lot of drama and effortless acting, the video introduces you to a world of zombies– only if you go for the right choice. With lots of twists and turns, this video engages with the viewers by placing the decision in their hands. Whether the duo should take a left or right, if you want to save or leave them, it is totally in the viewers’ capacity to select an ending for themselves.

Written by Ninad Naik, the interactive video puts the viewers in charge of the storyline and offers options to choose from at critical places throughout. Suspense, drama, much more- produced by Bakkbenchers Innovative Media Pvt. Ltd, the video encompasses the thrill like never before.

Without much unraveling of the storyline, click the video mentioned in the story to help the trio avoid colors and experience the adrenaline rush while combating zombies.