Among the sea of content creators on social media, that too in the comedy genre, there was one humorous creator who stood out. We’re talking about none other than Aishwarya Mohanraj. She is a stand-up comedian and writer. Aishwarya made her name in the world of comedy with her unique style and humor that captivated audiences. Her YouTube vlogs and Instagram reels are so entertaining, that it’s tough to not like her.

The comedian first rose to fame when she participated in Amazon Prime Video‘s comedy reality show Comicstaan. Post that, she also released some stand-up videos and clips on her YouTube channel which did really well. Aishwarya’s Instagram journey picked up during the lockdown when she extensively started creating content. Her relatable and funny reels started going viral, garnering her a wider audience and reach.

aishwarya mohanraj comedian content creator netflix awkward interviews

The creator possesses a keen eye for everyday situations and transforms them into relatable and side-splitting anecdotes. Whether it’s the quirks of public transportation or the trials of adulthood, her observations strike a chord with viewers, leaving them in fits of laughter. Her versatility is her USP, she can effortlessly switch between various comedic genres to cater to diverse audiences.

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Her Journey

Apart from stand-up and content creation, Aishwarya has also written for shows like Son of Abish, Behti Naak, On Air with AIB, Comicstaan S02, and One Mic Stand. She has performed at various comedy venues including Canvas Laugh Club, Habitat, and NCPA. When she started hanging out and creating content with Tanmay Bhat and his friends, it boosted her popularity even more. The best part was that she ended up dating and then marrying Aakash Shah, one of Tanmay’s roommates at the time and the founder of One Hand Clap. Aishwarya’s content evolved from her single life focus to humour associated with her friends, family, marriage, and husband.

Her repertoire extends to uncanny impersonations of celebrities and public figures, including Ananya Pandey. She injects a delightful dose of mimicry into her comedic routines which solidifies her status as a comedy sensation. Her brand collaborations are proof of this. Aishwarya’s ability to laugh at herself shines through as she fearlessly shares personal experiences and awkward moments, inviting her audience to share in the hilarity of her life. And Netflix India picked on this exact quality of hers when they got her to host their Awkward Interviews series.

Awkward Interviews On Netflix

For celebrities, promoting movies and shows is part and parcel of the job. But, it does get exhausting for them to repeat the same things over and over again in each interview. They would also prefer being asked unique questions or doing something fun instead. And this wholly depends on the interviewer. But what happens when the celebs get what they ask for, at a cost? Netflix started an “Awkward Interviews” series on YouTube which was hosted by an awkward Aishwarya Mohanraj. The questions she asks the stars are as unique as they are uncomfortable, and of course, awkward.

Let us take you through these Awkward Interviews:

Rana Daggubati

The first in this series, this was such a fresh and new concept – a unique take on celebrity interviews that makes for great entertainment. Rana’s reactions to Aishwarya’s whack statements were priceless. She made it so awkward for him by asking very weird questions and passing silly statements. Rana also pulled her leg a couple of times. This “Awkward Interview” series definitely makes for a great watch.

Ranbir Kapoor

This interview was as awkward as it could get. Ranbir understood the assignment! He was such a sport to take jokes on himself while also giving some back to his comedian host. But this will be the most memorable one for Aishwarya. She got to speak to the love of her life, and no, we’re not talking about Akash. If you have been following Aishwarya, you’d know what a diehard Aditya Roy Kapoor fan she is. She even got to meet him during his movie promotions and ended up fake marrying him. Talk about manifestations. During the interview, Ranbir called Aditya when she mentioned being married to him.

Mrunal Thakur

This could be called an “Awkward Interview” for Aishwarya instead. Mrunal definitely spiced it up with her sarcastic banter and wit. They spoke about Aditya Roy Kapoor, grandmother issues, being 4 am best friends, fans in Mrunal’s DMs, and a lot more. You can also witness the “Lust Stories” actor’s multi-language proficiency as she speaks in Malayalam, Marathi, Hindi, and Tamil.

Ayushmann Khurrana

Titled “Very Chill Interview,” this one actually was quite chill. Aishwarya Mohanraj started the interview using a couple of Ayushmann’s movie titles in her lines which got her slow claps from the actor. A few seconds into the conversation, she asked him how he actually feels about promoting movies and he responded saying if the conversation is good, he likes it otherwise it gets boring to repeat the same things in a loop. Aishwarya hoped that her questions were different, and that they were. The two of them also got into a Millennial vs. Gen-Z debate.

Dulquer Salman

The Sita Raman actor is known to be very warm and sweet. But this turned out to be his MOST “Awkward Interview.” Aishwarya asked him what to expect in Guns & Gulaabs and given that he’s played some kind of officer in his previous movies/ series, she asked if he would play traffic police next. She also brought up his megastar father Mammootty and made him sing Kya Bolti Tu in Malayalam. In the interview’s ‘blind ate’ segment, the comedian fed Dulquer some Kerala dishes while he was blindfolded.

In the ever-evolving landscape of comedy, Aishwarya Mohanraj stands out as a versatile and relatable comedian. She effortlessly brings humor to the forefront and continues to rise. Audiences look forward to more rib-tickling content and collaborations from this dynamic performer.