YouTube Shorts which is like Instagram Reels came into existence in September 2020 in India and later rolled into the US market too. The Shorts have been in existence since then and the content creators have made proper use of them- getting views through shorts on their channels.

Google Blog announced yesterday that “Starting today, your Video action campaigns and App campaigns will automatically scale to YouTube Shorts. YouTube Shorts now averages over 30 billion daily views — four times as many as a year ago — and we want to help you reach people immersed in this short-form content. Later this year, you’ll also be able to connect your product feed to your campaigns and make your video ads on YouTube Shorts more shoppable. We’ve been experimenting with ads in YouTube Shorts since last year, and we’re now gradually rolling that out to all advertisers around the world. This is an exciting milestone for advertisers, and a key step on our road to developing a long-term YouTube Shorts monetization solution for our creators, which we’ll share more about soon.”

Google Marketing Live Event.
Source: Google Ads and Commerce Blog

Google announced this at its Marketing Live event this week. The company has been experimenting with ads in YouTube Shorts since 2021. Video action campaigns and app campaigns will automatically scale to YouTube Shorts.

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The company says later this year, advertisers will be able to connect their product feed to their campaigns and make their video ads on YouTube Shorts more shoppable. Shoppable video ads are already available in YouTube Shorts’ rival TikTok, which allows users to view products in the short-form video app without having to switch to a browser.

Google Ads Vice President and General Manager Jerry Dischler said, “The ads rollout is an exciting milestone for advertisers and also a key step in the company’s road to developing a long-term YouTube Shorts monetization solution for creators.” A spokesperson for YouTube told TechCrunch in an email that although the company has started running ads in the Shorts feed, there won’t be a direct revenue share from these ads at this time.