Snapchat started BitMoji avatars on its stories and everyone updated their avatar identities on the app and the rest has been history. After that, avatars have been something that got introduced to other apps too. One example is Meta. Meta started rolling out its 3D avatars across Facebook, Instagram, and Messenger in North America on January 31, 2022, and then introduced it in other countries as well. The parent company launched Avatars which enables the users to choose how they want their avatar to look- skin color, tone, eyes, and more attributes can be added to the personality of a person’s Avatar.

Meta, on Tuesday, has rolled out updated 3D Avatars on Facebook, Messenger, and for the first time on Instagram stories and direct messages in India. Meta, formerly known as Facebook, is also adding new facial shapes and assistive devices for people with disabilities.

“Representations in the metaverse should reflect the diversity of the real world. Avatars are just the first step toward enabling everyone to express themselves in their unique ways,” said Manish Chopra, Director and Head Partnerships, Meta India in a statement “When you create your avatar you can choose the right facial features, body types, clothing styles, and more to create your virtual self,” he added.

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3D Avatars
Source: Engadget

This update has come after five months since Meta has rolled out 3D avatars for Instagram in Canada, the United States, and Mexico. It also includes new facial shapes and assistive devices for people with disabilities such as cochlear implants and hearing aids for both ears in different colors. Stickers on Facebook, Instagram DMs, and Messenger will also include these elements.

It also includes wheelchairs, which will appear in stickers on Facebook, in Messenger chats, and in DMs on Instagram. The company is planning to improve the look of Avatars, subtle adjustments have been made to certain facial shapes and skin shaders to make avatars more authentic. It will continue to add more options over time based on feedback from the community, the company noted.